8 Tools to make you a SEO Superman

8 Tools to make you a SEO Superman

Think of this question: What is the aim of SEO Research and Optimization? Isn't it for generating more leads or getting your website on...
Why It’s Important to Regularly Google Yourself

Why It’s Important to Regularly Google Yourself

What comes up when someone Googles your name is actually very important Reputation by referrals or word-of-mouth just doesn’t cut it anymore. When you think...
Twitter Ads

5 Surefire Ways to Make Your Twitter Ad Copy More Effective

Twitter has become one of the best ways to advertise online. Just look at how many active users the social media platform has. Even...
Linkedin Tools

11 Tools Everyone on LinkedIn Should Be Using

LinkedIn is one of the most important media for B2B professionals starting from a job search to incorporate a company. Indeed, it is a giant network...

10 Marketing Tactics for Healthcare Professionals

As a healthcare professional when someone needs medical help, you should be the first point of contact. But when patients look for help online,...

How to Find an Effective Hashtag for Business

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYk1fSEOslA This video will help you to understand the importance of hashtags and find effective hashtags for your post.
5 Reasons Why Direct Mail Is More Relevant Than Ever

5 Reasons Why Direct Mail Is More Relevant Than Ever

In this era of social media, emails and Google ads, we might think that direct mail doesn’t stand anywhere, but this thinking is wrong...

5 Free Quality Marketing Tools for Email and Social Media

“If you are an artist, learn science. If you are a scientist, cultivate art.” – Karin Timpone. The above quote itself says a thousand...
Why you need this 10 Free Content Marketing Tool

Why you need these 10 Free Content Marketing Tools

As an entrepreneur, you are on a budget and probably need some tools to get to your audience or get your business idea off...

Which one is more effective? Email or Social Media

I believe Email marketing is more effective than social media marketing. I have listed some statistics, on the table to support my answer. While one...

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