5 Free Quality Marketing Tools for Email and Social Media

“If you are an artist, learn science. If you are a scientist, cultivate art.” – Karin Timpone. The above quote itself says a thousand words in one sentence. It is important to use the advanced tools of technology/science for arts and marketing. While if you are into science/tech then it is equally important to use art and marketing skills. Here are some of the free marketing and art tools that I think everyone should try.

  1. BananaTag:

           It is an add-on used to track emails. You can now even know when your sent email is being opened by the recipient through this application. Along with time, this tool also tracks the location, IP, and device once the email is received. So why not try today for free.

2.  Unroll.me:

         This is an era of automation technology and today most of the tools are getting automated using artificial intelligence. Unroll.me is another helpful application of automation where you can unsubscribe from unwanted emails (Ads/spams). This tool helps you to quickly unsubscribe from Ads/spams.

3.   Canva:

        This is a designing tool and I will suggest everyone try this tool at least one. It is very used to use and it’s free. Main features of Canva are easy to drag and drop designing options, design on multiple templates starting from a book to a facebook poster.

4.  IFTTT:

“If this then that”, This tool creates actions on social media, emails, and SEO on the basis of conditions “If this then that”. It calls these conditions and actions as recipes. It is a very good automation tool for some of the most tedious tasks done manually. Some of the applications of IFTTT are as follows-

  1. Follow a user on Twitter form the new follower list
  2. Saving email attachments to Dropbox or google drive
  3. Schedule posts or tweets on multiple channels
  4. Reply or retweet for specific hashtags on Twitter

    And many more

5.  FollowUpthen:

     This is a great email followup/reminder tool for meetings and tasks. In Order to use it, you should know the right format while sending emails to clients.

Example:  While writing an email include “ tomorrow@followupthen.com” either in “Bcc” or “Cc” or “To” for getting a follow-up reminder via email to you and your client depending on the condition via email.

  Conditions1:tomorrow@followupthen.com” in “Bcc”

  Result 1: Only you will get a reminder for the meeting tomorrow

  Condition 2:nextwednesday@followupthen.com” in “Cc”  

   Result 2: You and client both will get the notification email on next Wednesday.

  Condition 3:nextwednesday@followupthen.com” in “To”  

   Result 3: You and your future self will get the notification email on next Wednesday.

   Condition 4: “31stMarch215pm@followupthen.com” in “Bcc”  

   Result 4: You will get reminder notification at 2.15 pm on 31st March      

Asif Razzaq is the CEO of Marktechpost Media Inc.. As a visionary entrepreneur and engineer, Asif is committed to harnessing the potential of Artificial Intelligence for social good. His most recent endeavor is the launch of an Artificial Intelligence Media Platform, Marktechpost, which stands out for its in-depth coverage of machine learning and deep learning news that is both technically sound and easily understandable by a wide audience. The platform boasts of over 2 million monthly views, illustrating its popularity among audiences.

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