5 Marketing Ideas for a Local Small Business

1.Follow and participate in social media marketing trends

Popularity of social media website has made it a favorite tool when it comes to marketing. There are weekly themed trends that one can take advantage of as a business owner. These trends are designed to create marketing awareness on social media websites for your products and services. Example of this type of trends is #BlackFriday #SaturdaySpecial #ThrowbackThursday etc.

2.Create a website for your business

The world is digital, and so should your business. As a business owner, creation of website is viable for your business as the majority of your customers are now on internet. Having a website where you can display your products or let your customers know about the service you offer is vital. Through your website, you can increase your customer base through ad campaigns, target potential customers, and develop a community of users.

3.Engage in email or direct mail marketing

Email marketing is one of the ways you can keep in contact with your customers. This system allows you to get feedback from the service you rendered or the product you sold to them, to know their level of satisfaction. Offering of new products, discounts and coupons can also be done using email marketing. Traditional or direct mail system can also be used as alternative to email as statistics shows that a whopping 98% of consumers bring in their mail on the day of delivery, while 77% sort through it immediately.

4.Sponsor relevant local contests and events

A good way to get more customers is to sponsor contests or events in your locality that is related to your business. Create great banners and logos so that your business will easily be noticed, this way, anyone can remember your business when they need your product. Example of this is to sponsor bike contest in your locality as a shop owner that sells bike.

5.Offer discounts and value added service to customers

People love to get a good price for a product they bought or service rendered to them. Offering a few discounts for a product can increase the number of sales for that product. As a business owner, you can offer to install a product free bought from your shop. This is value added service and consumers like to take advantage of it.

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