5 Important Reasons You Should Blog

Blogging is fun and exciting when you get the hang of it. The fact that by mere posting of your opinion on a topic and you can earn from this makes it a good reason why you should start your blog today.

1. Reach a bigger audience

As a blogger, writing on your blog gives you an unlimited possibility. With a vast array of people on the internet, you get to reach a bigger audience through blogging. People love good writers, and if your blog provides the needed content, you will have a good number of visitors and followership on your blog. This will, in turn, give you more views on your posts, have a massive following and earn more through blogging.

2.Connect with people of same interest

When starting as a blogger, think of something you love doing or comes naturally to you. This can be a skill acquired through education or learned over time. Through your posts, you can connect with people of same interest. Find the current trending topics for this niche, and write contents that will interest your readers. The ability to also connect with other experts and bloggers in your niche is an advantage. By connecting with them, you can grow your network by offering to guest post for them and allowing them to guest post on your blog.

3.Create better opportunities

Your blog is a great tool when it comes to landing other jobs or business opportunities. Organizations such as those into social media engagement can hire you through blogging, in as much as your blog adds value, and they are sure that you will be an excellent addition to their workspace. Another addition is that as a blogger, you are an expert in your field. Brands, organizations, and companies that are related to this field can contact you for speaking engagements and press talk. They want to promote their brand or organization products and bringing bloggers to add valuable input as an expert in the field is vital.

4.Establish yourself as an expert

When you form an opinion on something, you must know that thing. Blogging will allow you to be grounded and have more experience in your niche. People want to read posts with an informed opinion, and blogging will give you this opportunity. Through the years as a blogger that you keep doing research and writing posts, you become an expert in that field. It was not a hobby like when you started, but now a profession.

5.Monetize your blog

There are various ways to earn through blogging. Having a large number of audiences will allow you make money from Google AdSense, engaging in affiliate marketing for products in your niche, doing paid reviews for brands and so on. The key is firstly adding value to your readers, grow your followership and other things will fall into place. Many brands and organizations are out there in your locality or niche, which will do anything to have their adverts on your blog while paying a considerable amount of money.

Asif Razzaq is an AI Journalist and Cofounder of Marktechpost, LLC. He is a visionary, entrepreneur and engineer who aspires to use the power of Artificial Intelligence for good.

Asif's latest venture is the development of an Artificial Intelligence Media Platform (Marktechpost) that will revolutionize how people can find relevant news related to Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Machine Learning.

Asif was featured by Onalytica in it’s ‘Who’s Who in AI? (Influential Voices & Brands)’ as one of the 'Influential Journalists in AI' (https://onalytica.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Whos-Who-In-AI.pdf). His interview was also featured by Onalytica (https://onalytica.com/blog/posts/interview-with-asif-razzaq/).