Which one is more effective? Email or Social Media

I believe Email marketing is more effective than social media marketing. I have listed some statistics, on the table to support my answer.

While one can get confused in the quantitative and qualitative analysis for email and social media marketing, I would explain it in 10 simple points.

  1. Email has almost three times as many users as Facebook and Twitter combined.
  2. Emails are personal and can be easily customized.
  3. Email is the most preferred mode of communication for business.


  1. It gets more attention than any other posts on social media.
  2. It is more cost-effective than social media.
  3. Email marketing is measurable.
  4. Email marketing increases brand awareness.
  5. You own your email list.
  6. Emails are more engaging than social media.

Email versus Social Media

    Image Source: https://www.dreamgrow.com/11-reasons-why-newsletter-beats-social-media/
  1. Email promotions are preferred over social media messages

Image Source: https://www.dreamgrow.com/11-reasons-why-newsletter-beats-social-media/

So, should I give up on social media?

No, I will never suggest you ignore social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. In Fact, you will grow your email list with the help of social media channels. You can integrate sign up forms, download LinkedIn contacts, etc. Social media channels are the best source of an email database.


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