8 Tools to make you a SEO Superman

Think of this question: What is the aim of SEO Research and Optimization? Isn’t it for generating more leads or getting your website on the first page on Google. Instead of talking about the importance of SEO Tools and strategies, I will directly jump to the tools.

  1. Faq fox: FaqFox finds popular questions that people ask in an industry.
  2. Ayima Pulse: Ayima Pulse gives recent trends and ranking of websites in different sectors.                                                         
  3. Moz Local Listing Score:  This Local listing ttoolhelps you to find your presence on Google, Bing, Facebook etc.                                   
  4. Keywordtool.io: Keywordtool helps in finding keywords for content. Just enter a keyword and get hundreds of suggestions.
  5. Jellyfish search snippet tool: Jellyfish tool lets you test how your website page will look into SERPs.
  6. Ahrefs.: Ahrefs provides backlink analysis and research.
  7. Pingdom. : Pingdom checks website speed.
  8. Searchmetrics.: Searchmetrics is an onsite research tool for finding interesting facts and scores for your website content.

Along with above 8 tools, we would also like you to know about our upcoming Myfenjol SEO and backlink checker app. This app will be completely free but will be available for limited downloads. So if you are interested to download as soon as it’s launched then Sign up here


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