9 Online Marketing Strategies for a Startup

I would suggest the following strategies/approach for a startup online marketing.

1. Content marketing is the #1 priority for online marketing.

To write for your website or Blog, you must first research the market you are targeting. You should then go to some of the sites like Buzzsumo, Social Animal, etc. and type your keyword to find the most liked articles on different social media channels.

2. Choose the right social media channel.

You can find a list of social media channels with details here. Before opting for a social media channel, I would suggest you do some research about your customers by age, location, gender, income, education, etc. I would recommend you read this article “9 Steps to Make a Simple Marketing Plan”. You can create LinkedIn/Facebook group for sharing your content and add related audience to it.

3. Use image and video wherever applicable to your post.

If your article has numbers or demographics, then you may also use infographics. There are more chances of getting leads/hits if you use image-based contents. Some of the tools which you can use for developing graphics are Picmonkey, Canva, Indesign by Adobe, etc.

4. Make your content mobile friendly.

There are approximately 2 billion people in the world using smartphones. Hence it is essential that your website and content is mobile friendly.

5. Make your content creative and straightforward.

Keep the title simple and strong. You can analyze the strength of your content title by using headline-analyzer.

6. Retarget your audience through posts and ads.

It will help in bringing familiarity for your brand in front of the viewer/audience. Don’t worry if there is no purchase even after the second campaign; it will bring long-term benefit.

7. Search engine and Social signaling are very interconnected and directly proportional.

More is your content sharing; better is your search engine rank SERP. Hence the more interactive is your content, the better chance of it getting shared on social media. Finally helping your google rank to improve.

8. Publish your content in niche blogs.

Instead of getting magazine’s cover story, I would suggest you find 3–5 right blogs targeting your market. Contact the editor of the blog and tell him how your content or product can help his audience. Find related blogs here BOTW, EatonWeb

9. Get endorsed by influencers in your market.

It will help you to build your brand. You can use following tools for find related influencers Follower monk, Little bird


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