11 Tools Everyone on LinkedIn Should Be Using

LinkedIn is one of the most important media for B2B professionals starting from a job search to incorporate a company. Indeed, it is a giant network with maximum leads for your professional career, starting from an entry-level desk job and ranging all the way to a company’s CEO. LinkedIn Tools as listed in this article can double the benefits for B2B.

Once you start using LinkedIn, you can feel the power of networking. It enables you to reach your corporate dream. If you are a startup CEO then it may connect you with potential investors. The best thing about LinkedIn is that your mutual contacts indirectly help you to build your network.

According to a report, there are 433 million registered LinkedIn users. About 40% of users check LinkedIn daily. The average number of connections a CEO has is 930. Approximately 39 million recent graduates/students are there on LinkedIn. 41% of millionaires use LinkedIn. LinkedIn currently has 467 million members from more than 200 countries

Although LinkedIn is great in itself if you these 11 Linkedin tools it will make a big difference.

1.     Crystal- This is an app and Chrome extension that helps you learn about your contact. It helps with better and more personalized communication with the target profile. It also suggests how to write an email to a LinkedIn contact according to their personality.
2.     Rapportive  This is a Gmail extension that finds and shows the LinkedIn profile of the person to whom you are sending or have received an email from. This way you can connect instantly with that person on LinkedIn.
3.     Discover.ly  This tool is available as a Chrome extension. This tool lets you find the mutual Facebook friends and tweets of a LinkedIn profile. This will help you to decide whether this contact is beneficial or not.
4.     LeadFuze- One of the best LinkedIn lead generation tools.  It is also a good economic alternative to SalesLoft’s Prospector. LeadFuze helps to create a list of leads from a search, including email addresses, phone numbers etc. You can even send emails and follow-ups to these leads with the help of LeadFuze.
5.     Datanyze Insider- If you are into technology-based products then this tool is for you. It helps you to find out when a customer has left your competitor or when the contract for them is ending. Later, you can approach them with your product. You can even find web portals using a particular technology provider and segment them according to size, revenue etc. This tool also lets you find and import the LinkedIn contact information directly into Salesforce.
6.     Outro A referral automation platform that helps to find out the potential clients/new hires etc. from your network and Global Outro network. Using its powerful search algorithm, it suggests the best match for your need, hence saving a lot of time. You can integrate this tool with most CRM and export contact data.
7.     Attach Just like what BananTag does with your Gmail, this tool does the same with LinkedIn. You can track and analyze the engagement of your contact with your message and attachment. You can even find out when they opened the attachment, what pages they read and for how long. This data will help you to segment your potential clients and plan your follow-up time and approach.
8.     Rapportive This is a Plugin/Extension that helps you to connect with people on LinkedIn by showing their profile on Gmail while you are sending them an email.
9.     Elink.Club  This tool views 800 targeted profiles on LinkedIn on your behalf.  As respond, you can expect 7-9% of people viewing your profile back and connecting with you.
10.  Email Hunter This a great email database building tool. It is basically a Chrome extension that extracts email addresses and contact details from websites/LinkedIn searches. You can save the data in your given database on this tool and later you can download the saved email database.
11.  Shapr- This is like a professional Tinder app except instead of dating, this app uses your tagged interests, location, and professional experience to find 10-15 inspiring profiles each day. You can swipe anonymously and get notified when there is a match from both sides. Once you match with someone you can both plan to meet and share your idea.

Additional Tools

a) ContactOut

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