10 Marketing Tactics for Healthcare Professionals

As a healthcare professional when someone needs medical help, you should be the first point of contact. But when patients look for help online, do they find you there? I will share ten search engine optimization marketing tips to make your health business relevant and visible online.

1.Create a website or blog for your health business

As a health professional, you want to reach out to more clients. A website or a blog will give you this opportunity to connect with and get more customers online. You can have a web designer create a simple website for you, or create a simple blog yourself. Through this website, you will be able to display the services that you offer to both your clients and potential clients. While creating contents on your websites, make sure that these contents are optimized so that your website will be visible on search results.

2.Perform keyword research and optimization

Find a suitable keyword for your health niche. How smartly you perform your keyword research can make or mar your business. Search for the top medical terms in your niche and also your locality and use this for your website or blog. A typical free tool for this is the Google keyword planner. Also, make use of your Google analytics tool to get an idea of keywords and user behavior.

3.Post original contents on your website or blog

Google reward websites with original materials, while they penalize those with duplicate ones. As a health professional, make sure  to post contents that are original and rich frequently. By doing this, it will enable your content to be ranked higher on the search engine.

4.Make use of video on your website

Digital marketing if applied correctly can increase your online presence. People like what they see and will likely order a service or contact you when they like your video. You can create a simple video on some health-related issues and their solution or some of the previous works you have done. Optimize the content by using catchy headlines, relevant meta tags, and post it on Youtube, Vimeo and other video sharing website with a link back to your website or healthcare address. Sharing of this video on your blog is also an excellent strategy.

5.Make use of Medical discussion forums

Create a list of favorite and health-related discussion forums. Participate in these forums by creating topics on trending and exciting topics that are related to health services. Provide tips that are helpful to users of the forum, answer their questions and give them valuable suggestions on any issue they have. You can drop link to your website at the end of your posts. Apart from the fact that people will naturally come to you if you seem genuine, your posts or topics will also come up on search results.

6.Use Medical directories

The use of medical directory is a valuable tool to target professionals in the medical field. As a health owner, you can find lists of free medical directories and submit your website link to their database. Use a beautiful and nice description when you are doing this. A medical keyword in your caption, description and a backlink to your website is a perfect strategy. Hiring off page SEO service when you don’t have time to handle this is a good way to go about it too.

7.Take advantage of social media

Apart from the fact that social media enables you to keep in touch with your clients, it is also a smart way to get more clients by extending your reach. Virtually every internet users are now on social media , and one must take advantage of this. Ensure that your websites and blogs have social media links. Create health campaigns and trending topics that will make your business visible on social media websites. Example of these social media platforms is Twitter, Facebook, and Yelp.

8.Create a Google business page

This is a free account from Google for business owners. You can share the location of your business on Google map , and people will be able to easily locate you in search results. Clients can also quickly find your hospital through your business page. From your Google plus page, you can create a person page, local business page , and brand page. Make sure to have a significant fan follower on your Google plus profile to help you rank higher in search results.

9.Create or use freely available health mobile apps

The revolution in mobile app usage is now in health. Use of mobile apps in healthcare is now rapid, and as health business owner, you must register on these apps. Mobile apps are simple and easy to use , and many people want to use them. Some of these apps can have a follow or no follow link back to your website. Make sure your contents on these mobile apps are keyword embedded, and have internal links for your content, allowing Google spider crawl your website.

10.Create a mobile friendly website with AMP pages

A website that can be used efficiently on mobiles is essential for search optimization. Posts that have AMP shows at the top of search results on mobile phones, unlike those that does not. Websites that are mobile friendly tends to be better optimized and rank higher on Google search results.

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