How is Artificial Intelligence going to change Content Marketing?

Artificial intelligence is influencing the nature of marketing at the very core. With a wide range of improvements made to digital marketing as a result of new AI systems, almost every aspect of marketing is set to change. One of the areas that is changing considerably as a result of AI systems is the idea of content marketing.

Content marketing in the past is something that has almost entirely had to be done by hand and by individuals that were well trained in search engine practices. These individuals needed to work at creating quality content that would rank well in search engines as well as offer great value for any reader. Exploring changes in seeing some of the differences in content marketing with artificial intelligence is stealing a rapid rate.

AI systems basically allow machines to learn from data that are already published online continuously. As most competitive niche is online already have a wealth of knowledge and content up, and AI system could sift through a wide range of competitors content in a fashion that’s far faster than any other professional in content marketing. AI can also work at sifting through data on almost every one of the customers in the demographic for a piece of content. This means getting content that’s more personal as well.

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Personalization of content:

AI can analyze a massive amount of data in this means analyzing data directly from the people that need to be targeting and marketing efforts as well. Many consumers today expect websites to be designed intelligently and for content to be targeted directly to them. Many of today’s top products are often offered as a result of personalized services on platforms like Amazon and more. Content can be delivered on the same idea of personalization.

AI systems can go through the social pages of almost every member in an audience and gather some of their likes and dislikes. What this means for content marketing is that the AI could showcase a number of subjects that a writer could take on that would resonate well with people in the audience.

Marketing Assistants:

For the future of personalized content, there are new AI marketing assistance that are emerging as some of the leaders in the market. Perhaps one of the strongest example so far is the IBM Watson Lucy application. This tool can be an incredibly powerful option for many marketers to use in their research. An assistant like Lucy can absorb massive amounts of data and then instantly answer questions about that data.

Rather than having to work with a series of marketing professionals you can have instant answers on the regions you should target first, the type of content you can create and more.

Can AI eventually write content?

AI systems are only growing more intelligent, and many theorists are even suggesting that almost all of the content we read online could be produced by AI in the near future. Associated Press has been using AI system since 2015 to publish automated insight stories for years. Robot journalists have existed for several years now, and it’s only a matter of time before we start to see the marketing insights from software turn into fully fleshed out articles too.

Artificial Intelligence is only going to continue becoming a larger part of content marketing and with the vast amount of data that AI can go through, the content that it produces in a few moments could one day be even more valuable than something an experienced journalist could produce over weeks of study.

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