A Research Group from Stanford Studied the Possible Fine-Tuning Techniques to Generalize Latent Diffusion Models for Medical Imaging Domains

Latent diffusion models have greatly increased in popularity in recent years. Because their outstanding generating capabilities, these models can produce high-fidelity synthetic datasets that...

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The process of adding metadata, tags, or labels to various objects, actions, or events in a video is known as video annotation. Human annotators can perform this manually, but with AI, a significant portion of the...

Meet OpenFlamingo: A Framework for Training and Evaluating Large Multimodal Models (LMMs) Capable of Processing Images and Text

OpenFlamingo is an open-source framework that aims to democratize access to state-of-the-art Large Multimodal Models (LMMs) by providing a system capable of handling various vision-language tasks. Developed as a reproduction of DeepMind's Flamingo model, OpenFlamingo offers...

A New AI Research Introduces Cluster-Branch-Train-Merge (CBTM): A Simple But Effective Method For Scaling Expert Language Models With Unsupervised Domain Discovery

Up to a trillion text tokens are used n the training of language models (LMs). This increases performance on several jobs but comes at a high cost because thousands of GPUs must be active once to...



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Document Processing and Innovations in Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) Over the Past Decade

With automation coming to the forefront of technology trends in 2023, document scanning technologies are rising in popularity. ICR and OCR technology removes the...

Leveraging TensorLeap for Effective Transfer Learning: Overcoming Domain Gaps

Nowadays, constructing a large-scale dataset is the prerequisite to achieving the task in our hands. Sometimes the task is a niche, and it would...

Unlocking the Secrets of Deep Learning with Tensorleap’s Explainability Platform

Deep Learning (DL) advances have cleared the way for intriguing new applications and are influencing the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. However, a...

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