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List Of Free Reinforcement Learning Courses/Resources Online

Reinforcement Learning Offered at Georgia Tech as CS 8803Practical Reinforcement LearningReinforcement Learning ExplainedReinforcement Learning in FinanceIntroduction to reinforcement learningDeep Reinforcement Learning CS 294-112...


Exclusive Talk with Tae-hoon Koo, Venture Capitalist / Machine Learning Researcher

Kurt (Tae-hoon Koo),: Venture Capitalist and Machine Learning / Reinforcement Learning researcher, majored in computer science. Asif: The industry is seeing a rising importance of...


How Marketers are using Virtual Reality for Marketing

Some few years back, virtual reality (VR) looked like a fantasy that might never come to reality not to talk of it becoming mainstream...

Digital Health

Future of Medical Diagnostics Industry using AI and Deep learning

Who thought in 1950’s that AI and deep learning will make self-driving cars and impossible missions like Mission Mars almost possible. While these innovations...

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