Best JupyterLab Extensions for Machine Learning Research (2023)

JupyterLab is fundamentally intended to be an extendable environment. Any component of JupyterLab can be enhanced or customized using JupyterLab extensions. New themes, file...

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Text-to-image is a challenging task in computer vision and natural language processing. Generating high-quality visual content from textual descriptions requires capturing the intricate relationship between language and visual information. If text-to-image is already challenging, text-to-video synthesis...

Microsoft AI Proposes MM-REACT: A System Paradigm that Combines ChatGPT and Vision Experts for Advanced Multimodal Reasoning and Action

Large Language Models (LLMs) are rapidly advancing and contributing to notable economic and social transformations. With many artificial intelligence (AI) tools getting released on the internet, one such tool that has become extremely popular in the...

MIT Researchers Introduce LiGO: A New Technique that Accelerates Training of Large Machine-Learning Models, Reducing the Monetary and Environmental Cost of Developing AI Applications

The transformer architecture has become a go-to choice for representing various domain structures. The empirical inductive biases of the transformer make it a good candidate for scaling. This paves the way for the periodic training and...



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Leveraging TensorLeap for Effective Transfer Learning: Overcoming Domain Gaps

Nowadays, constructing a large-scale dataset is the prerequisite to achieving the task in our hands. Sometimes the task is a niche, and it would...

Unlocking the Secrets of Deep Learning with Tensorleap’s Explainability Platform

Deep Learning (DL) advances have cleared the way for intriguing new applications and are influencing the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. However, a...

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