Artificial Intelligence(AI) Systems And Their Influence On Social Media

Social media accounts are an extremely popular method for staying connected and for using emerging technology to grow audiences. Almost 2.5 billion users worldwide will be present on at least one type of social media channel by the end of 2018.

It’s no wonder that marketing companies as a whole are shifting their focus toward social media and even using AI systems to give themselves an advantage. As the number of tools available starts to rapidly increase it could be possible for marketers to have an easier and more targeted journey of discovering their users.

Facebook and AI:

Facebook with one of the first social networks to start focusing in on AI in the year 2013 when they started to work with New York University. AI systems are present all over Facebook, and many deep learning algorithms are working within keyword studies, shared likes and more. The unfortunate side of Facebook is that it got into hot water from the research that he did with Cambridge analytica. With this specific idea, AI was working to solve through a series of problems over the network. The only issue with that is the AI systems and data that were presented were delivered without the consent of any user. Facebook and the network itself was stopped short in its efforts.

AI and Pinterest:

With so many people on Pinterest often ending up making purchases of the projects that they see online, the app began to use AI learning to recommend products based off of their likes. The system itself had a stylistic nature that ensured that the suggestions presented could be streamlined for users online and designed in such a way that Pinterest could continually present new ideas and make suggestions for users.

This system did not fall under the same type of scandal that was present on networks like Facebook. The Pinterest recommendations are widely welcomed in many cases for the streamlined and stylistic nature of the social network. The way that searching habits have been changed have also made for a social network that is more intelligent because of its suggestions.

Twitter and AI:

Twitter also has an advanced AI built into its current configuration. The AI on Twitter is directly responsible for establishing a category for every single tweet. The idea of the category system is to make sure that the content people care about most is what’s appearing in their timeline.

Twitter is also using a series of neural networks to automatically cropped photos and produce a more consistent aesthetic for the fee. Machine learning was done using eye tracking records to make sure that photographs can be presented in their most appealing form to each user.

As AI systems continue to integrate their way into social media in the future, brands will be able to generate a better experience for their customers and improve ROI based off of the systems. As there is a large pool of individuals across social media, having AI systems that can cover many bases can help to make sure that ongoing monitoring can occur.


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