6 Ways To Make Your Content Mobile Friendly

More than 50 percent of search queries now come from mobile devices globally. Mobile friendly content for any website has become an absolute requirement today. If you are a website owner or a content producer, you have to consistently manage the creation of new content with mobile first in mind.

Here are some of the ways that you can keep your content fresh and work at enjoying a mindset for mobile first technology:

1. Focusing on the page optimization:

The speed that a page load is something that matters to any website owner. If a person is unable to have a page load within 3 seconds around 53% of mobile users will navigate away from the page. This can pose a problem for content creators and site optimization professionals. As the average time to fully load a mobile landing page can often be around 22 seconds, developing a standard that your page can load faster will often lead to improvements and a better chance that you could access more viewers. If you’re able to have a mobile page that can load in less than 3 seconds, you could significantly outpace your competition which will often lead to more leads, more traffic and eventually much more sales.

2. Complete extensive testing:

To make sure that your website can run on any mobile device, it’s important to do the testing up front. Responsive means that a website should be able to update and offer support to any upcoming mobile device. As this beer technology is developing a rapid pace and because new smartphones are coming out almost every year with different resolutions to prepare for, a responsive website remains essential to making sure that the website can run effectively on any device.

Try checking out your website on your mobile phone or on any mobile devices that you can try the site on. Checking out every page and even doing simple actions like submitting forms and sharing pages can help you discover bugs. Also submitting your website to a professional testing site like Usertesting could help to present some potential bugs that may be present in the website design. These are great platforms where you can get feedback on mobile navigation, the quality of your page loading and more.

3. Information should be simple for mobile users to access:

The way that information is presented in content also needs to change especially on a fast and mobile-friendly website. Anything that’s related to your business should be easy to access especially if a person was and wanting to learn more about your business over time. Some of the most important things that you need to cover include pricing information, locations of your business near them, directions to your business and more.

Working to build a Google business page for your company and include some of these basic answers in an FAQ or dedicated area of your website remains extremely important. If a person has to sort through multiple pages to get the answers that they need, it could be very unlikely that they may continue to check your content or visit your business directly.

4. Content that can be scanned:

As well as having important information that’s ready to access, it also remains quite important for you to have gotten that’s going to be quite easy to scan. On a mobile device, you may not have access to a lot of time or a full-screen for the process of scanning through content. The good news, however, is that content can be scanned through quite easy with the help of bullet points and some other responsive options through the webpage. Keeping your paragraphs short, using various bullet points, making sure that there’s plenty of white space and breaking up your text content every 300 or 400 words remains an excellent way that you can make sure that content can be very easily scanned through on any mobile device. It looks much better as you are scanning through on a small screen and it can help to make sure that users will continually feel very comfortable coming back to your page on a mobile device.


5.Try changing content formats:

You aren’t just going to be limited to text when you are using some mobile device. The option to vary your content with clickable video, interactive tools, slideshows, infographics and more can all lead to improvements when it comes to improving your content format. Making sure that you can keep users on your site with plenty of variety in your content can often help you lead to getting more sales, visitors and leads as well.

Don’t stick to articles, with the assistance of mobile-friendly content like videos, graphics, sound clips and more; you can generate improvements with your leads over time.

6. Leave room for feedback:

Mobile users often embrace the use of mobile sharing websites and even comments. Leaving some extra space so that you can have more room for comments and social sharing remains very important. You can also introduce the use of social sharing buttons and easy conduits between social pages when you are working with your content. Leaving some extra room for feedback will often lead to better content for the future. Social sharing options can also be very helpful for gaining new viewers and links back to your website.

If you are interested in getting the best in mobile traffic and making sure that you can capture the best audience with your content, be sure to follow some of these top ideas with your content.