What marketers should know about personality based marketing

Marketers today are often leveraging more personal marketing campaigns. Understanding more about personality-based marketing and the future tactics that are shaping the industry can help individuals in a marketing based business to adopt some of the newest approaches to their work. Attaching behavioral science in the execution of a marketing campaign will help to make sure that marketers can exceed their targets.

One of the biggest problems that marketers face with personal marketing campaigns is recent controversies with Cambridge analytic and Facebook. These types of personalized marketing campaigns threaten the potential of marketers before they can customize a full campaign.

By using personal information for marketing, it is possible for marketers to have an extra nuance for all of their messages. With the way, the data is captured today however the personalization based off of demographics and other expressed desires of customers is set to grow a little more difficult.

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Targeting individuals personally in marketing is now seen as more of a dark art. Using behavioral science and remaining careful with personal data on social media regarding ethics can help you with personalized marketing. Consumers and businesses alike can often have better experiences when their behavioral data is considered.

How to use personality science:

Personality science in marketing involves looking into the characteristics of patterns for the way that people will feel, behave and think as they are viewing an advertisement or accessing a page. Personality scientists have seen relationships between the way that people behave, their lineage and more. Personality tests have taken place over generations, and through some of these forms of testing and data gathering, it is possible to recognize some trends inconsistency and data.

For the use of marketers, some individuals are looking towards larger populations and searching for the promotion of various behaviors. By gathering data and working to predict behaviors are personality traits it’s possible to empathize with individuals and engage them with a particular message. Finding a way to resonate with an individual and a large population or demographic is something that marketers should be investing in.

How to test consumers and their personality:

Psychological traits in the past were often measured by official personality tests. Today however with the sharing of data and the digital footprints that people are leaving, it has become much easier to test personality. Digital psychometrics regarding questionnaire responses, consented likes, tweets, shares and browsing history can all lend a hand to producing a high-quality data set that can be beneficial for testing personality traits.

Even trends in America showcase that the average American is liking and sharing around 250 pages within an average year. This offers a wealth of data to marketers if they get involved with the right data collection company and begin experimenting with highly targeted advertising.

Personality-based marketing can offer some incredible advantages for the future of your marketing budget. This type of marketing and data collection for personality marketing needs to be done in a responsible and ethical fashion, however.

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