How to leverage the use of social media as a medical professional

The latest invention of the 21st century is the social media, and it has been a key part of our lives.  A recent statistics have shown that more than 200 million Americans are on social media. However, with this huge number of social media users, the medical industry is yet to harness its full potential. If properly utilized, social media as a viable tool will bring about the much-needed effectiveness and profitable practice in the medical profession. Nowadays, it is essential as a professional to be in touch with one’s clients while building a significant amount of followers. The below are five of the ways you can use social media as a leverage to promote your medical profession.

1.Work Efficiently

Social media can be a valuable tool when it comes to performing simple administrative tasks. Example of this is allowing you to set up your scheduling program, this way, patients will know when you are available and make an appointment. Social media gives you another advantage for your potential patient to check the level of your activity and acceptance on these platforms. A link back to your website from your social media handle where clients can easily register is also a step further. Some tools that can be used for marketing purpose when it comes to increasing your efficiency as a medical professional are Stencil, CanvaSprout Social, and Design Wizard etc. These tools are used to design your typical social media articles, create custom graphics and manage your social handles.

2.The knowledge base for patients

Apart from serving as a tool for social interaction, social media is now replacing search engines when it comes to getting knowledge. Many people want to get all information at a go, because why not? Through the use of social media, you can be able to interact with your followers and family members, while still getting information about a health issue from a medical professional. As a medical doctor taking advantage of social media, frequent posting of essential information about how people can prevent a particular disease or a cure for it is the right way to go. Creating blog posts or videos on health issues and posting the link from your social media profile will make people notice you. Some of the tools you can use to create your contents and get trending ideas are the HubSpot Blog Idea Generator and the Buzzsumo.

3.Make Professional Network

When you are not making use of social media for interaction or personal use, you can also use it to network with other professionals in your field. LinkedIn as one of the biggest social platforms provides a way for professional to link with one another, and be able to highlight your work in the medical field. Also, you can show off your achievement and level of expertise on the field so that people will come to you when they need a professional with your level of expertise. Examples of tools you can use with your LinkedIn to do professional networking in your field are crystal and Rapportive. They are an extension where you can learn about your contact and be able to send Gmail to your LinkedIn contacts.

4.Fast and Improve Interaction

Instead of going through the rigors of calling and administrative protocols, one can easily get a fast and improved response on social media. Some patients find it hard to call their doctors, even when it is necessary, but they seem to be able to interact with them on social media. In situations where there is a backlog of patients to attend to, social media is a viable tool to get in touch with and interact with your patients quickly.

5.Valuable Feedback Mechanism

One of the significance of social media is that it is a great communication tool. It allows for two-way communication, and you can easily get a response from the questions you ask and be able to chat with other users. Being able to get feedback from service rendered is essential, this will allow you improve your service or keep doing what you have been doing. Your patients are key stakeholders when it comes to your medical profession, and you have to listen to their needs.

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