NVIDIA To Acquire DeepMap, A California-Based Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Mapping Company

Nvidia is ready to acquire DeepMap, a Californian-based autonomous vehicle (AV) mapping company, whose prime directive is to develop high-definition mapping system processors for AV vehicles. 

Nvidia has plans to use DeepMap as a tool that combines all car and sensor data, producing almost a hundred percent accuracy in navigation systems of autonomous vehicles (AV). The calculation of the accuracy is based on the centimeter, implying that it is near-perfect. The car has a continuous flow of knowledge concerning its’ position, other vehicle’s positions, and nearby surrounding areas. It has a barometer for sudden weather changes as well. 

The benefit of this acquisition is two-fold:

1. Nvidia will be expanding DeepMap’s existing mapping products, which will benefit all DeepMap’s current and future customers. 

2. The newly established mapping system, with inch-perfect accuracy, will be benefiting NVIDIA Drive, ensuring self-driven cars can always accurately ascertain the direction in which they are going. 

Nvidia Drive is a computer platform by Nvidia, established to provide autonomous car and driver assistance functionality. Nvidia deduces that this will be very profitable for the company in the future and will be a significant advancement in the AV industry. 

Nvidia is aiming for betterment in the future. So, not only will Nvidia be a world-changing company, but it also blazes its trail in the AV sector. We believe, this move of buying DeepMap, made by Nividia, is brilliant and will blow any other AV technology out of the water in the next few years.

When it comes to humans driving vehicles, existing mapping technology suffices. Still, when cars are automatic, each centimeter counts due to the absence of logic residing in the automated driver. With an automated driver at the seat, maps are all critical. They need to have accurate weather conditions and locations of current construction zones, and sometimes even places to be wary of while traversing. 

Along with ongoing partner support, experienced map-makers are also a must. DeepMap ensures this particular skill set is prevalent in Nvidia Drive’s technology. 

DeepMap was founded five years ago by veterans of Google and Apple. This establishes trust and confidence among the Nvidia executives that DeepMap can achieve more than it possibly can.  

This will revolutionize the autonomous vehicle (AV) industry, ensuring profit to the company tenfold and allowing great comfort to the people of the world.

Source: https://blogs.nvidia.com/blog/2021/06/10/nvidia-deepmap-mapping-drive-platform/

Trent Gomes is a consulting intern at MarktechPost. He is currently pursuing his undergraduate degree in the bachelor of Economics. Trent is a keen football enthusiast, and passionate about creative writing.

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