Google’s New Computer Vision Platform, Visual Inspection AI, Dramatically Reduces Defects, Recalls, And Returns For A Broad Range Of Manufacturers

Google has soon begun meeting with the ever-growing demand for Industrial automation due to the launch of its newest technology, a Visual Inspection AI tool. 

Visual Inspection tool refers to an artificial intelligence service that inspects each piece of machinery in a company, allowing a similar level or standard of quality among all mechanical components in the particular company. Google has created the newest in-trend model of this tool, which will have the most considerable supremacy shortly. 

Google will be having an advantage against other companies simply because all their products and machinery will be of equal quality. In addition, it has been designed in such a way that it can examine thousands of products at a quick rate, find any defects in such products, and report them in under a minute. 

However easy it may sound on paper, manufacturers find it extremely difficult to install such an intricate tool. They need to make alterations to each device such that it recognizes all of them. This is a problem as they need to initiate customized vision inspection models for each of their products. 

For example, for a simple thing like a customized toolbar for Android TV made by Google, manufacturers will have to create a specific visual inspection tool, which must know about creating a toolbar and common defects that may occur amidst the process. This is all done so that all faults can be quickly be flagged and repaired before being completed. 

“Based on pilots run by several Google Cloud customers, Visual Inspection AI can build accurate models with up to 300 times fewer human-labeled images than general-purpose ML platforms,” the company said. It’s looking up for them after creating this tool, which could change our look at products altogether. 

A side advantage of this Visual Inspection AI tool is that it adheres to data governance rules and improves latency. This tool has only come into creation because artists at Google have been listening to the voices of their audience keenly. This, coupled with a sharp intuition, is one of the primary reasons they are currently the most famous company in the world.

Google has been working with Accenture Plc, SOTEC Software Entwicklungs GmbH, and other companies to develop this masterpiece of a tool. Almost alone in the worldwide market, it is only rivaled by Amazon Web Services Inc.s’ similar version of a defect-locating tool known as Lookout for Vision service

Both these companies will definitely be going head to head in almost everything till the near future. However, Google will still be earning a manifold of profit due to the invention of the Visual Inspection Tool.


Trent Gomes is a consulting intern at MarktechPost. He is currently pursuing his undergraduate degree in the bachelor of Economics. Trent is a keen football enthusiast, and passionate about creative writing.

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