Facebook AI Researchers Introduces an Artificial Intelligence Project that Learns from Videos

Facebook developers are building an Artificial Intelligence project called ‘Learning from Videos’, capable of learning from publicly available videos. The project uses available audio, textual, and visual data and adds to its lexicon content from users spanning the globe. The AI project focuses on providing a content recommendation for users, content policy enforcement, and enhancing Artificial Intelligence’s ability to learn like humans. The above project is believed to be able to recognize any video content. 

The decade has seen significant advances in Artificial Intelligence systems in recognizing speech, language, and vision. Due to the above, Artificial Intelligence relies significantly less on procured datasets to build its knowledge base.

The developers at Facebook focused on using ‘Learning from Videos’ to enable the platform to absorb a vast array of data from different regions and cultures worldwide. With this, the team looks forward to creating an AI project capable of anticipating user habits while navigating the Facebook platform. The developers’ team adopted a transparent privacy policy regarding user content to ensure ethical deployment of Learning from Videos. Facebook developers confirmed that the content creators feel secure using this new feature by implementing user trust and safety guidelines. 

The semi- and self-supervised Artificial Intelligence products have already brought great success for Facebook. Self-supervised learning products are believed to have shown a 20% reduction in speech recognition errors. Auto-captioning could be improved by mitigating the above errors. It will also decrease instances of hate speech.


Through Instagram Reels’ recommendation system, the users witnessed the first example of this feature. Reels act as a proof of concept for self-supervised learning Artificial Intelligence. The above is because the system can analyze common themes shared among the videos trending on the application. Currently, the Facebook developers have equipped ‘Learning from Videos’ to give suggestions about the content related to the trending videos. The above also aims at filtering out the same material that users have already viewed. Such discretion allows users the kind of nuance needed to save time browsing Facebook videos while enabling the Artificial Intelligence to learn the difference between similar pieces of content.

As per the team, the next major challenge is programming the project to draw memorized audio and visual input and then equate the two according to a general theme.

Source: https://ai.facebook.com/blog/learning-from-videos-to-understand-the-world

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