Linköping University Has Installed Berzelius, Sweden’s Fastest SuperComputer For Artificial Intelligence

National Supercomputer Centre at Linköping University has installed Berzelius, Sweden’s fastest supercomputer for artificial intelligence and machine learning. The above had been made possible with a donation of EUR 29.5 million from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.

According to Jan-Ingvar Jönsson, vice-chancellor of Linköping University, It’s gratifying and a big challenge at the same time that Linköping University has taken a national responsibility to connect all initiatives within high-performance computing and data processing. Berzelius is a powerful addition to the vital research carried out in such fields.

Berzelius owes its name to renowned scientist Jacob Berzelius from Östergötland. Berzelius is based on the Nvidia DGX Super Pod computing architecture. The supercomputer delivers 300 petaflops of Artificial Intelligence performance, making Berzelius the fastest supercomputer in Sweden.

Marcus Wallenberg, the vice-chair of Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, donated EUR 29.5 million for the purpose. He was glad that the Wallenberg Foundation contributed to acquiring world-class computer infrastructure in a location that supplements and strengthens the major research initiatives we have done in recent years in AI, mathematics, and the data-driven life sciences.

The primary researchers working with the supercomputer are associated with the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation’s research programs. Anders Ynnerman (scientific visualization professor at Linköping University and program director for Wasp) welcomed the new machine. According to him, research in ML requires large quantities of data to be stored, processed, and transported during the training phase. The new supercomputer is a resource of a completely new order of magnitude in Sweden for this purpose.

Berzelius will be backed with the sixty latest Artificial Intelligence systems from Nvidia. Nvidia’s CEO and founder, Jensen Huang, said that an instrument was essential to its advancement in every science phase. Today, the supercomputer is a vital tool of science. The suitable conditions have been created with Berzelius, Marcus, and the Wallenberg Foundation to make Sweden capable of being at the forefront of discovery and science. The attracted researchers will enable Sweden to transform itself from an industrial technology leader to a global technology leader. The above facility has networks from Nvidia, storage capacity from DDN, and application tools from Atos. Atos delivered and installed the machine.

Pierre Barnabé, Senior Executive Vice-President and Head of the Big Data and Cybersecurity Division at Atos, is delighted to work with Linköping University on delivering and installing this new high-performance supercomputer. Researchers will have the mighty computing power and harness deep learning and analytics with the supercomputer. The above will speed-up data processing times and provide researchers with insights faster, thereby helping Sweden address some of the critical challenges in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning today.


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