Samsung Collaborated With Intel To Help Anesthesiologists Administer Anesthesia Quickly And Accurately With AI

Artificial intelligence is the future of healthcare, and it’s coming to every field. Machine learning has made medical professionals smarter than ever before by providing them with data patterns that allow for informed decisions quickly. AI will continue to reshape how we look at health care in general because its use is increasing more rapidly every day.

In the field of anesthesiology, two tech giants, Intel and Samsung Medison recently collaborated to help make administering nerve blocks more accurate and faster. Using Intel’s OpenVINO toolkit, the NerveTrack ultrasound feature tracks nerves in real-time with a deep learning AI algorithms.

Anesthesiologists will be able to use NerveTrack to map the median and ulnar nerves in patients’ arms before surgeries, helping them identify exactly where nerve blocks will be injected.

NerveTrack technology is designed to be an efficient and accurate way of scanning nerves. The company staff claims that it reduces the possibility of complications, cuts down on time spent searching for nerve tissue (by up to 30%), increases accuracy by 20%, and improves doctor-patient communication about a patient’s condition with its interactive features.

NerveTrack is a cutting-edge medical imaging technology that uses AI and high performance computing to help healthcare professionals in the most innovative ways. Dr. Won-Chul Bang, vice president of product strategy at Samsung Medison, says “Using high-performance computing and AI technologies in medical imaging is one of the best ways to help healthcare professionals worldwide.” Already many doctors have started using NerveTrack for sonography; Korean hospitals have deployed it as well! The future looks bright with this helpful new tool!



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