5 Reasons Why You Should Try Datacamp for Machine Learning and Data Science Courses

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Today, online learning is replacing costly college educational degrees, and the number of students switching to online learning is increasing everyday. Seeing the increased demand for artificial intelligence and data science candidates in different industries, a large number of people are planning to switch their career to one of it. Most of them don’t have a strong background in Coding. When it comes to platforms to choose for data science and artificial intelligence courses, it’s tough because the way a platform teaches is also important apart from the instructor himself.

Most of the platforms have a very similar classroom type online lectures where an instructor comes and teaches. Sometimes, he starts from a session assuming that students will know a programming language or mathematics or both. If you are switching from biology or psychology background to data science, then what? 

You can buy other basic level courses separately by different instructors but is the way of teaching the same as the first one?

No, or maybe little similar but not the same.

That’s where Datacamp is bringing online courses in a very different way than the currently available platforms. It has free beginner-level courses and then higher level. Here are five reasons why Datacamp can help you in learning any data science or machine learning program even though if you don’t know ABCD of Coding.

1. Subscription instead of pay per course with free basic level courses: Unlike most other educational websites, Datacamp provides both a yearly and monthly subscription. 

Unlike most other educational websites, Datacamp provides both a yearly and monthly subscription. 

2. Small ~3-minute videos with more inbuilt exercises: One of the best things about Datacamp is its short videos with more practical exercises. It not only helps a student to learn quickly but also to practice more and build projects.

3. Practice any course or try any project: Most of the basic introductory courses are free to try. With a subscription-based model, a student can try multiple courses and projects.

4. Projects: Datacamp has hundreds of projects with datasets to try and practice.

5. One platform for coding and learning: Unlike other learning platforms, Datacamp has embedded coding platform after each short lecture. You don’t have to open Python or R separately to practice the exercises. You can easily use ‘Datacamp’s website, which has integrated platforms for Coding and testing.

Datacamp, therefore, can help a technical as well as nontechnical student to learn to code and then practice and learn data science or machine learning easily.

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