The New AI Program that Can Create New Outfits

Is artificial intelligence finally finding a place in the fashion industry? If recent research done by a team of researchers from the University of California, San Diego, and Adobe is any indication: yes! In a recent paper published by an innovative team of researchers, a new development in artificial intelligence may lead to the ability for AI to understand, predict and suggest fashion.

The paper detailed a new way for an artificial intelligence program to first learn the ins-and-outs of a person’s style based on their color, type of wardrobe items, and the data tags and descriptions associated with the clothes they purchased; from there, the artificial intelligence program was also able to learn how to create new computer-generated images based on the style that they learned from the informative data.

The research team worked on two different algorithms for this unique project. The first algorithm involved teaching the artificial intelligence network to learn about a specific user’s style using purchase data. The purchase data included information on 3 categories: shoes, tops, pants; these categories were differentiated between men and women. The second algorithm involved teaching the artificial intelligence network to create new, fake images of clothing based on the information from the data set. 

This is not the first time that artificial intelligence has been used to create entirely fake images, though it is one of the first times that this technology has been used exclusively for fashion and clothing. The images created using the second algorithm aren’t quite up to photorealistic standards yet, but with new developments in this area of artificial intelligence happening all the time, it is only a matter of time before more realistic fake images are on the horizon. 


How this New Development May Play into the Future

There are many ways that this new artificial intelligence developments may be used by consumers, marketers, retailers and fashion designers.

Consumers may one day use this type of artificial intelligence to plan out new outfits they want to wear based on the type of purchases they’ve already made for their wardrobe. Marketers already use similar data sets to market new products to consumers—the addition of this new layer to the artificial intelligence setup may allow marketers to funnel ideas to companies and designers, based on what is popular with their clientele and the public as a greater whole. 

Online retailers already use artificial intelligence to suggest purchases to consumers, typically with phrases such as “You may also like…” “Similar styles…” and so on. This new artificial intelligence may help consumers to predict fashion trends and other items that may be popular with consumers based on their purchase data. It is possible that online retailers may even base new trends and products on this type of data, resulting in a completely new way for retailers and fashion designers to decide on what type of clothing they want to sell to the public next.

One thing is for sure: the wave of artificial intelligence in the fashion industry is already upon us.

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