5 Unexpected Ways that AI is Impacting your Life Now!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere nowadays.

The technology has exploded into our everyday lives in so many unexpected and innovative ways.

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You may be used to hearing about how artificial intelligence is being used to develop cutting edge robotics, responsive prosthetics, and drones but what about some of the more everyday applications?

There are plenty of ways artificial intelligence is being used across a number of industries.

Here are five unexpected ways that AI is impacting your life already.

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1. Living in the internet of things.

The internet of things is becoming big business.

Our lives are becoming ever more connected to the things we possess.

This connection is commonly known as the internet of things or IoT.

There are now devices to control a lot of the core functions of your home. You can control your heating, you lighting and even how you get your news through the IoT.

This influx of devices and apps looks set to continue to expand.

Now the companies making these experiences are increasingly using AI technology to make the devices smarter and help with the day to day running of your home.

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2. Getting around the city

Have you ever used Uber?

Even if you havenโ€™t used their services, youโ€™ve probably heard of them.

Companies like Uber and Deliveroo use artificial intelligence to optimize the transport service they give.

They use AI to find the most efficient route to get you or your food to the destination.

Using technology to optimize logistics in this way helps them keep the costs of service down and make more journeys.

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3. Making things more efficient

Building on the uses of artificial intelligence to optimize logistics to cut costs, it can also be used to make other savings in business.

One of the most divisive aspects of the use of artificial intelligence is the opportunities relating to efficiency.

Or the dreaded automation as people say.

Automation of processes through AI and the use of machine learning to increase efficiency is going to impact you in some way.

It could be a good thing, ensuring you have a better experience or reducing costs in your business.

Or it could negatively impact you with many jobs being at risk of automation.

Either way, this trend for efficiency improvements using AI will continue throughout 2019.

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4. Itโ€™s going to get personal

Weโ€™ve all seen those widgets on e-commerce sites telling us what products other people have bought, or making recommendations for us.

The recommendations you see are created using machine learning.

Many people are used to the idea of being targeted for advertising based on the data collected on them whitest online.

The big tech companies are making this targeting technology increasingly accessible to businesses. Even if you donโ€™t have a large marketing budget, you can still take advantage of the machine learning and optimize campaigns through targeting.

You can expect to see more and more companies of all sizes taking advantage.

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5. Some time to play

Artificial intelligence is now being used to develop exciting gaming experiences.

Do you remember when everyone went crazy for the Pokemon Go game?

This is just one example of how AI is being used in games.

Augmented reality requires computer vision to work. This is a type of AI.

Games using augmented reality and virtual reality are becoming increasingly popular. Both AR and VR use AI.

In addition to this, as with marketing, machine learning is being used to make the games more personal to the player. This technique is in its infancy, but you can expect to see much more of it over the next few years.

How many of these use cases did you already know about?

That concludes my summary of 5 unexpected ways AI Is currently impacting your life already.

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Claire is a young professional working for Amazon UK as a Product Manager. She has strong data analysis skills as well as very strong interpersonal and organizational skills demonstrated through the management of multiple projects simultaneously.

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