Now Artificial Intelligence can determine which Stories from Airlines will go Viral

Can you imagine a world where artificial intelligence begins to determine the top stories?

Currently, we are living in a world where AI is working to determine trends with search engines, with news and more. One specific area where AI can often dictate and determine which stories will go viral is on social media.

A great example of artificial intelligence is instantly bouncing a story to top news happen in 2016. An American Airlines aircraft at Chicago O’Hare caught fire, and all of the passengers and crew members were evacuated on the landing strip. A journalist filed the basic story about the incident that involves the airline and the nature of its failure. As the plane reached a speed of 154 mi./h before aborting the takeoff, this was a narrow miss and a serious US incident at a major airport.

What allowed this reporter to access all of the information and make sure that the story went viral with a secret algorithm that’s only used by certain news outlets today. Dataminr is an AI system that picks up social media chatter worldwide and allows journalists to instantly go through any official channel and work at identifying trending news as early as possible.

As soon as there’s a buzz on social media, a journalist could be on the phone with a representative from the airline and then producing a story quite quickly after. Regular flags will be delivered directly to the devices of individuals were covering the news, and the information can be easily quoted and spun directly from twitter, facebook and more.

The system was first created by a team of Yale University roommates who used a series of analytics tools to make Twitter a more manageable social media network. What the system eventually evolved into was a monitoring system that would identify hotspots and trending news with ease. Subscribers can easily react and flag certain events, and eventually, the system grew so intelligent that it could identify trending events on most major social media networks.

Dataminr has since become a very popular program not only for journalists but also for corporations and investors. Customers include almost every major airline, newsroom and major investment firm. Having access to a nearly endless stream of news and trending content can help to make sure that there’s always the option to catch the latest viral story and verify it.

Perhaps one of the greatest of facts of using a program like Dataminr is that smaller and more mundane stories can carry a larger number of weight. It gives almost anyone with social media access the ability to report on the news and start a trending event. Anything from a redirected fight to a canceled music festival can be instantly reported on.

Dataminr and many major news elements have placed their focus on airline specifically. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons for this is that the public regularly has an appetite for these types of stories and people regularly share information while they are traveling.

Overall, systems like Dataminr make the process of reporting the news much easier, and it can make sure that trending content can easily take off just like any other airline news.

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