Meet Morvareed Z. Salehpour, Founder of Salehpour Legal Consulting

Morvareed Z. Salehpour is founder of Salehpour Legal Consulting, a boutique law firm which provides big firm representation at small firm prices. She specializes in handling a diverse range of complex legal matters both in and outside the courtroom. She is experienced in negotiating a variety of contracts and legal agreements and handling cases from inception to trial and appeal. She has represented clients across the nation ranging from entrepreneurs and small businesses to Fortune 500 companies and works in a variety of industries, including blockchain, entertainment, technology, media, banking, manufacturing, real estate, fashion, retail, cannabis, food and beverage, and healthcare, among others.

Asif:  Tell us about your educational background and your current venture.

Morvareed: I am a double Bruin, earned a degree in Political Science from UCLA and then a JD from the UCLA School of Law. I worked for many years at a big firm and now have my own practice, Salehpour Legal Consulting, where I offer innovative legal solutions from business creation and contract negotiation to the courtroom for entrepreneurs, startups, and established businesses in a variety of industries including technology, blockchain, media, entertainment, retail, real estate, cannabis, and food and beverage.

Asif:  How did you get started in providing legal advice and counsel to AI and Blockchain companies?

Morvareed: I have always been interested in technological innovation and became involved with the Silicon Beach community after graduating from law school so have been working with tech clients since. I am able to provide those clients with innovative solutions since they are often involved with developing areas of law where there are gray areas and there may not be a clear answer. I enjoy the creativity that goes into that and am good at coming up with effective resolutions that minimize legal risks while maximizing business interests.


Asif:  Many people believe that Artificial Intelligence could bring the
apocalypse, what are your views?

Morvareed: I think that there a lot of social and ethical implications with artificial intelligence and we need to proceed forward in an informed manner. If we do not start thinking about its implications now as it is developing then I can see it getting out of hand before we would be able to get a handle on it.

Asif:  What do you see as the most difficult-to-overcome limitations for AI?

Morvareed: One of the big issues with AI is that AI programs contain the biases of the programmers and as well as the implicit biases contained in the data fed to it. For example, with all the facial recognition AI that is being used with policing, that software will overidentify minorities as culpable parties because the criminal data fed to it reflects the racial bias in which minorities are arrested for minor crimes in disproportionate numbers.

Asif:  What advice would you give startups when starting their journey?

Morvareed: Setup your business and contracts appropriately as it is costs much more to seek legal assistance after things have gone wrong and you have ended up in court or in trouble with a regulatory body.

Asif:  What are your views about MarkTechPost?

Morvareed: Seems like a great resource for tech industry related news and content. 

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