11 Startups Using Artificial Intelligence To Fight Cancer

It is estimated in 2018, 1,735,350 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the USA.
Most of the corporate unicorns are already working to find a tool to diagnose early symptoms of cancer using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Apart from big brands, there are some other startups which are bringing some very innovative approach to diagnose cancer.

Here are the top startups fighting cancer with AI:

  1. Entopsis: Entopsis is a Miami based startup building a device NuTec (Nanoscale Unbiased Textured Capture) utilizing artificial intelligence.  NuTec is mainly focussed on cancer, autoimmune diseases.

    Photo Credit: http://entopsis.com
  2. SkinVision: SkinVision is a skin cancer awareness and tracking app that allows you to understand your risk factors for skin cancer and keep track of your moles.

    Photo Credit: https://www.skinvision.com
  3. CureMetrix: CureMetrix is developing a next-generation based medical image analysis tool for mammography.

    Photo Credit: http://curemetrix.com
  4. OncoraMedical: Oncora Medical is focussed on using machine learning and big data in radiation oncology. This clinical decision support software will provide aid to oncologists based on the results of sophisticated data analytics.
    Photo Credit: https://oncoramedical.com


  5. Cyrcadia: Cyrcadia is an early detection technology for screening breast cancer. The iTBra™ consists of two wearable, comfortable intelligent breast patches which detect circadian temperature changes within breast tissue. Through your PC or mobile device, anonymized data obtained from the iTBra is communicated directly to the Cyrcadia Health core lab for analysis. (Source http://cyrcadiahealth.com/#)

    Photo Credit: http://cyrcadiahealth.com
  6. Notable Labs: Notable labs provides personalized drug combination blood cancer diagnosis.

    Photo Credit: http://notablelabs.com
  7. Enlitic: Enlitic is a leader in using medical deep learning that leverages proprietary algorithms to quickly and accurately improve healthcare diagnosis.

    Photo Credit: https://www.enlitic.com
  8. Freenome: Freenome’s blood test is not limited to look for mutation, instead it detects changes in gene expression, immune activity, and cancer-related proteins. Further, it utilizes artificial intelligence to identify cancer-related proteins among billions of circulating cell-free biomarkers.

    Photo Credit: https://www.freenome.com
  9. Insilico Medicine: Insilico is focussed on finding innovative solutions for cancer using artificial intelligence application in big data and genomics.

    Photo Credit: http://insilico.com
  10. Proscia: Proscia is a data-based cancer diagnosis technology. Powered by artificial intelligence, Proscia connects the insights and data points of medical science professionals.
  11. Doctor Hazel: Doctor Hazel is an artificial intelligence based bot platform for screening cancer.

    Photo Credit: http://www.doctorhazel.com/


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