Is Wellness On The Blockchain The Answer To Our Overstimulated Lives?

We are overstimulated. We can’t sleep because we want to check every last social media notification and work email until we pass out from exhaustion, and we are way to stressed out about the blurred lines between our work lives and our home lives. The problem is all that social interaction is very rewarding for our brains, so it can be hard to shut down and relax. But we have to find a way, and blockchain based wellness apps may be the answer.

Gamification is a great way to reward your brain for doing something it doesn’t really want to do, and gamifying wellness can be a great way to trick our brains into sticking with more healthful habits. People are constantly trying to google yoga poses and relaxation music, which isn’t always the most successful way to find what you are looking for. Having it all in one place, on the blockchain, can help you get to work faster. And gamifying your wellness routine with cryptocurrency rewards and leaderboard competitions is the best way to ensure that you stick with it.

Your brain is hardwired to receive a reward for whatever it does, and wellness on the blockchain is a great way to ensure it receives something that is going to be beneficial. Sticking with a wellness plan isn’t easy, but sticking to one that your brain actually looks forward to can be a better solution. Learn more about wellness on the blockchain from this infographic!

How Blockchain Can Lead To A Better You

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