Best 10+ AI Tools For Designers (2023)


Kive is an AI-powered application intended to make it simple for designers to organize their graphic libraries and create mood boards for their projects. The technology streamlines the search experience and makes it simpler for users to discover the precise material by using AI to identify photographs automatically. Kive also gave customers access to a network of top creatives full of inspiration and shared workspaces where they may work together on projects. Kive also offers a user-friendly interface, a robust search engine, and the capability to build stunning boards and share them with only a single link. Kive provides a complete, end-to-end solution for all of your creative requirements.


Motion is a clever tool that uses AI to create daily schedules that account for your meetings, tasks, and projects. Say goodbye to the hassle of planning and hello to a more productive life.


Runway is a content production platform driven by AI that enables users to write, edit, and collaborate on the material. It provides various AI-powered creative capabilities, including limitless images, text-to-picture production, erase and replace, text-to-color grading, super-slow motion, and AI training. Additionally, it has strong video editing skills, including motion tracking, inpainting, and green screen. Runway simplifies the time-consuming, laborious, and tedious tasks of content production and video editing while giving customers complete creative control over their products. The package also provides collaboration features so users can safely exchange compositions, materials, and information with their team. Additionally, Runway offers customers access to hundreds of well-designed templates that they can quickly and easily edit.


Users may increase their level of attention and productivity with the aid of the AI-powered productivity software TimeMaster. TimeMaster gives customers the tools to manage their time by monitoring their consumption, notifying them when they’re working too much or becoming distracted, and scheduling regular breaks. It operates by automatically identifying the tasks users are engaged in, classifying them, categorizing projects, and even keeping time records. TimeMaster also values user privacy. Therefore, data is encrypted on the user’s local device for further protection. Users of TimeMaster may find out when they are most productive, identify their biggest sources of distraction, and get thorough weekly and monthly reports to understand their work-life balance better.


Reflect is a potent note-taking program that leverages GPT-4 to assist users with effectively storing their ideas, books, and meetings. The software lets users rapidly record ideas, sync notes in real-time across devices, and keep track of meetings and schedules via calendar integration. The app also supports custom prompts. End-to-end encryption is another feature that Reflect offers, ensuring that only users can access their notes. Additionally, the software enables users to quickly share whatever they write by clicking a button, creating a graph of ideas, grabbing snippets from browsers and Kindle, and connecting notes easily.


With the help of the mobile reading app Waverly, users may locate material from websites they would not otherwise find. Waverly’s system can examine 10,000 sources, such as specialist magazines, blogs, and newsletters, using AI to power it. Thanks to this, users may now concentrate on what is significant rather than what is trending. By eliminating any extraneous details from the article, Waverly’s distraction-free reader lets users focus completely on the content. Users also have the option to highlight, annotate, and summarize articles right from the app.

Additionally, Waverly offers customers a tailored feed that monitors markets, trends, and sectors. The Wave feature, at the Waverly algorithm’s core, allows users to design a unique formula for their feed. Executives, analysts, and researchers who need to keep track of market trends, rivals, policy news, etc., will find Waverly to be very useful.


For designers who wish to automate repetitive operations and save time, Automator is ideal. Create unique drag-and-drop automation that does time-sensitive Figma activities for you with just one click with the Automator Figma plugin. You may discover layers, apply styles, conduct API calls, and more with its more than 100 actions, which put the power of the Figma Plugin API at your fingertips. You could develop automation to scale your assets to a certain size or produce a style manual using your local styles. Additionally, Automator may be used to create more intricate automation, such as a tool that aids in designing for various screen sizes.

The community of Automators is a fantastic resource for discovering and exchanging automation. You may search the neighborhood for automation made by other designers, or you can make your own and distribute it to other people. In Figma, Automator is a powerful tool that may help you automate monotonous operations and save time. You should look at automator if you’re searching for a solution to streamline your workflow.


With the program Rendition, you can convert your Figma designs into excellent React code. It employs a hybrid method that combines a unique compiler with machine learning models to produce code specifically suited to your project’s requirements. There are several ways that Rendition may help you save time and enhance your productivity. Developing React code from your Figma drawings may first be automated. This frees up time so that you may concentrate on more imaginative work.

Additionally, Rendition may assist you in raising the quality of your code. Thanks to its machine-learning models’ ability to recognize and correct common faults, your code will be prepared for production. Third, Rendition may speed up your shipping. Rendition can help you get your product to market faster by automating the coding process. Rendition is an excellent tool to consider if you’re a designer or developer searching for a solution to streamline your process and save time. It may be incorporated into your current strategy and is simple to use. Rendition is a cost-effective approach to increase production since it is also inexpensive.


With the aid of the AI helper Hints, you can increase your productivity. It may automate tedious chores so you can concentrate on more crucial issues. You can remain organized and keep track of your work with hints. Both a mobile and a web app are available for Hints. Create an account and link your preferred productivity tools to get started. When your tools are connected, Hints can begin automating tasks. You can utilize Hints to automatically add items to your to-do list, send emails, or update your CRM. By automatically putting away your notes and papers, hints may also assist you in maintaining your organization. Hints are an effective tool that may increase productivity and help you save time. Hints is well looking into if you’re trying to find a strategy to accomplish more.


With artificial intelligence, organizations can automate monotonous operations and procedures using the Levity no-code AI workflow automation platform. The platform from Levity is simple to use and adaptable to each company’s requirements. Levity has several features that make it an effective tool for companies of all sizes. These qualities include Using a drag-and-drop interface; workflows can be easily created and edited. A variety of ready-made AI building pieces that may be used to automate operations, the capacity to design unique AI blocks, Adaptation to well-known business tools, a robust analytics dashboard that offers insights on the effectiveness of processes

With the use of Levity, organizations may automate routine operations and procedures. This help firms save time and money while allowing staff to concentrate on more crucial work. Levity is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for a means to automate your processes and grow your company.


Teams may work more efficiently by organizing tasks, communicating, and collaborating with Taskade, a collaborative workplace. An effective tool for groups of all sizes, Taskade is a web-based program available from anywhere and has several functions. Real-time collaboration, document collaboration, task management, communication, and security are a few of Taskade’s capabilities. With the aid of Taskade, teams of all sizes can cooperate, communicate, and organize their work more successfully. Taskade is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for a collaborative workplace to help your team accomplish more.

Taskade is a safe platform that protects team data using industry-standard encryption. By offering a single location to save and organize work and several features that foster better team collaboration, Taskade may assist teams in being more productive. Taskade provides a range of communication options, including chat, file sharing, and video conferencing, which may assist teams in improving their communication.


You may capture, organize, and collaborate on your work with Mem, a self-organizing workplace. Mem is an effective tool that may increase productivity and help you save time. It organizes and connects your items with events, themes, and people using AI. Using AI, Mem organizes and connects your content with events, themes, and people. This makes finding what you’re searching for and maintaining organization simple. Collaborating on projects and ideas with others is also made simple with Mem. With others, you may exchange ideas, notes, and documents and talk and comment on each other’s work. Since Mem is a web-based program, so you may access your work from anywhere. This is fantastic for those who must work while on the road or who are remote. Mem is a great choice if you’re searching for a tool to help you keep organized, save time, and become more productive.

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