Top Innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Startups Based in Sweden (2022)

Since AI is becoming more prevalent across all industries, numerous businesses use various strategies to innovate the artificial intelligence field. Let us glance at some of the most cutting-edge Swedish AI startups.

Furhat Robotics

Social robots have long been associated with science fiction. With the creation of a life-sized robotic face capable of social interactions, Furhat Robotics is making it a reality. The Furhat robot, which can understand natural language in 40 languages and emote in line with the dialogue, functions essentially as a voice assistant with expressions. With a standard face and set of emotions that can be enhanced by the provider or modified via a software development toolkit, Furhat is giving the robot to businesses and organizations like airports, malls, hospitals, or offices.


To increase conversions, Loop54 has created a machine learning-assisted search engine tailored for e-commerce and driven by AI. To ensure that each visitor sees results that are pertinent to them, Loop54 Al customizes the site search and category navigation. The researchers created a neural network associating each product with a neuron containing weighted product information. A match happens when enough feature weights are similar. Early searches rely on text matching, which is later supplemented by behavioral matches based on relevance as the platform learns.


For high-performance business applications, Starcounter has created an in-memory database engine and application server. The technology, supported by machine learning, enables business software developers to construct apps that can exchange data and user interfaces without the need for human integration. The streamlined stack used by Starcounter addresses several complex challenges in contemporary enterprise software development. Starcounter uses well-known frameworks and languages, such as standard SQL (regular .NET and .NET Core). This method makes it easier for programmers to get started and makes it possible to create software more quickly and efficiently. Additionally, it leads to a quicker time to market while maintaining performance levels.


Hundreds of publishers use Strossle to help commercialize their content’s actual worth. Publishers profit from more engaged users and rising income with non-intrusive ads and various free tools. Strossle has created an AI-based content recommendation engine. Currently, Facebook and Google produce more than 70% of the traffic for publishers and are responsible for 99% of the growth in online advertising. With more than 1,500 publications, Strossle has created a platform that tries to compete with these two industry giants. Based on prior user involvement, interest, and current themes, the team’s widget, driven by its predictive AI algorithms, suggests viewer-related content at the bottom of an article.


Urbanization has been speeding up. The demands on municipal resources are out of control as more and more development projects, automobiles, and people must cohabit in the rapidly rising urban area. Precision motion tracking solutions for the automotive, robotics, drone, and AR/VR industries are just a few of the technologies Univrses have created to address these issues. Users can move in virtual space by moving in reality without a tether attached or without previously mapping the real area with proper positional tracking for mobile using its Deep learning and computer vision technologies.


Imagimob AI is a machine learning development platform for edge devices.

It enables programmers to move quickly from data collection to deployment on an edge device. For smaller IoT items of almost any kind, the SensorBeat solution enables sophisticated motion detection. The program is independent and works on low-power processors, so it does not require an internet connection or a central processing hub to function. Real-time insights are provided, and only relevant data is sent outside the equipped device.


Mavenoid, a platform for product support, offers hardware firms scalable support options. Self-service and live support combined in one from Mavenoid makes it easier for businesses to be prepared to assist their clients with everything from setup to everyday use to problems. The diagnosis engine is Mavenoid’s fundamental component. One may automate troubleshooting of complex technical issues using an AI that utilizes a similar approach to problem-solving as the human brain. Before they reach the human support team, repetitive queries are resolved by Mavenoid’s self-service.


Tendium is a new kind of tender management platform. Tendium is automating public procurement processes by utilizing the most recent advancements in machine learning and language technologies. It has created an AI platform for automated tendering, intelligent public tender monitoring, and decision support. It provides you with the interactive tools and insightful data you need to obtain more federal contracts. Tender Qualify finds the best tenders for you based on the filters you provide. Your team can see tenders and compile all procurement documentation in one dashboard after it has been made aware of an opportunity, making tracking, evaluating, and working together on tenders easier.

Collective Minds Radiology

Collective Minds Radiology provides intelligent decision support, which blends a vast expert network, organized historical data, and the limitless capacity of artificial intelligence. They improve healthcare by assisting doctors in finding speedier answers to their most challenging clinical problems. Their solution enables patients to receive a quicker and more accurate diagnosis. Faster diagnosis and better diagnostic quality result in the proper treatment.

By using AI-driven product recommendations, assists online retailers in growing their customer base. Democratizing product suggestions is the goal of To comprehend its products, it employs neural networks, computer vision, and natural language processing. With the help of product recommendations, search, and product category navigation, customers can always locate the perfect product. Product recommendations are instantly available with Therefore, gathering transactional data is not necessary.


UXStream delivers user experiences created on servers to any smart device by merging edge computing, 5G technology, and their proprietary software. Their streamed UI is identical to a locally generated UI in terms of interaction, and the flexibility and power of remote generation open the door to new user experiences. The business is researching and building several new verticals, including gaming, audio processing, and telecom. Through their end-to-end solution based on cutting-edge wireless protocols and contemporary edge server technologies, they seek to provide any user experience to any screen or device.


Due to the GDPR, walled gardens between advertising platforms, and tracking preventions in all major browsers, measuring marketing performance has become a significant issue for businesses. A SaaS called Causiq employs AI to give enterprises a comprehensive understanding of the efficiency of their marketing channels. They model marketing efforts and results through machine learning and Bayesian inference. This allows them to daily identify ROI for each marketing channel and offers companies insights into the efficiency of their marketing activities.

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