Meet Botminds AI: An AI Platform To Get The Most Out Of Your Complex Unstructured Data

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Data is present everywhere and is constantly expanding. According to John Rydning, research vice president for IDC’s Global DataSphere, “The Global DataSphere is predicted to more than double in size from 2022 to 2026.” Much of this data is unusable by businesses because it is trapped in papers like contracts, tenders, invoices, annual report filings, etc. Most tools in the market are point solutions that can handle only semi-structured or structured data, and any modification to the document’s format, template, or terminology causes the automation to fail.

With an AI platform that can handle complex unstructured data, Botminds AI is attempting to solve this problem. Botminds AI is an AI-first, no-code, vertically integrated platform with end-to-end automation to upstream and downstream systems. 

The platform can Capture, Search, Analyse, and Automate documents (PDF, email, MS Word, JPEGs, etc.) and web data (static or dynamic web pages). Botminds AI can accurately handle documents with changes in sources, formats, layouts, and templates, unlike traditional RPA-based systems and IDP solutions with its AI-first approach. All the AI models are trainable and modularized; and can be orchestrated to build complex workflows.  

For every $1 invested in automation, the integration of multiple systems costs $7. Users can save 7X on costs and enjoy a seamless experience with vertical integration. Customers can obtain a faster return on investment (ROI) on their automation initiatives with the Botminds AI platform – in weeks rather than months or years.

With a high degree of accuracy (>90%), speed, and scale, Botminds AI has delivered 10x efficiency in a matter of weeks to clients in sectors and services that deal with massive amounts of unstructured documents (100,000+), each running to hundreds of pages.

Any business that serves document- and knowledge-centric sectors and operations would profit from the platform. Customers of Botminds AI include large and mid-sized businesses in the banking and financial services, research & analysis, sales & support, education, operations, risk & governance, and legal & compliance sectors.

The company’s mission is to free people from reading tedious texts by utilizing the recent rapid advancements in the intersection of deep learning and NLP. They aim to make the Botminds AI platform the de-facto Document AI platform for enterprises transitioning from RPA to Intelligent Automation (IA) for handling complex knowledge-intensive or data-driven processes end to end.

“Botminds is a team of passionate people who believe Document understanding is the holy grail of AI Knowledge has been recorded in documents from the earliest days of human evolution. With the explosion of knowledge locked in unstructured/semi-structured web and documents in recent times, the ability to efficiently ‘search, acquire and document’ and disseminate this knowledge is critical and needs AI/ ML to power the same. Botminds AI has been built with a strong foundational principle that makes it a powerful platform that tackles complex use cases scenarios, is flexible, and provides a greatly intuitive user experience; at the same time.”, says Gokul Ganapathi, CEO, and cofounder of Botminds.

The Botminds AI platform is available for current Azure users on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. They can subscribe to the tool through the Marketplace without going through any additional procurement processes.

Botminds AI also has onboarded alliance partners from many domains to provide rapid and easy access to the Botminds AI Platform. RR Donnelly, Cognizant, Tredence, Microsoft, OptiSol, SLK, Promantus, and other companies are some of their key partners.

To request a demo walkthrough of the platform or to subscribe to the platform, businesses can get in touch with Botminds AI directly.

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