Top Innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Startups Based in France (2022)

With rapid advancements in technology worldwide, AI is the new force when it comes to finding solutions and creating enterprises. In this article, let’s look at some of the most promising and innovative AI startups in France.


Traditional analytics tools provide data that only experts can understand since they are difficult to use and even more challenging to comprehend. ContentSquare is a cloud-based and AI-based customer journey analytics platform that helps organizations improve how they conduct business by enabling them to operate at an enterprise scale and foster customer trust with security, privacy, and accessibility. It goes beyond traditional analytics. The platform may optimize and analyze user experience data utilizing artificial intelligence technologies and monitor web and application traffic. More than a thousand well-known brands use Contentsquare.


All businesses want to integrate AI into their processes but need more resources or expertise. Dataiku is a centralized solution for designing, deploying, and managing AI applications. In addition to providing a software platform that integrates all the stages and big data tools to collect raw data for applications ready for production, it offers an end-to-end machine learning-based platform for extensive data analysis. Dataiku is used by more than 500 businesses globally to systematize their use of data and AI. This enables many use cases, including supply chain optimization, fraud detection, predictive maintenance, and more.


It is well known that different patients react differently to the same treatments. With its technologies, Owkin aids in determining the best course of action for each patient. It provides a machine learning-based model that can understand omics, visual data, biostatistics, and patient profiles for healthcare, drug development, and precision medicine. They combine cutting-edge machine learning and biology to identify novel drug candidates, de-risk and accelerate clinical trials and improve patient outcomes.

Shift Technology

Millions of decisions are made by insurers every day that affect their clients. With solutions from Shift that bring together cutting-edge insurance knowledge and artificial intelligence, insurers can automate and optimize decision-making to produce better results for everyone. It offers complete claim processing and cloud-based filing solutions. It has capabilities for detecting and looking into underwriting fraud. It also provides ways to speed up and automate claim decisions.


By giving photographers a stage for their passion, Meero is redefining the field of photography. Meero is taking the work out of being a professional photographer, from job searching to billing to post-production to delivery. Meero has also created an automatic picture improvement pipeline combining the most recent deep learning and image processing technologies to deliver thousands of photos daily. It offers complete shoot management, ensures unbeatable rates and top-notch quality, and all with less than 24-hour delivery periods.

Dental Monitoring

Dental Monitoring provides a distinctive portfolio of virtual, intelligent workflow solutions to connect patients, physicians, and partners throughout treatment seamlessly. It offers three solutions: Dental Monitoring, Smilemate, and DM Insights. Dental Monitoring helps dentists keep track of the development of orthodontic treatment by detecting dental movement using a smartphone’s camera system by creating 3D images. Smilemate aids in patient-lead assessment and therapy success prediction. DM Insights facilitates access to practice analytics for enhanced outcomes.


The ground-breaking PROPHESEE system offers machines Meta vision, making previously invisible objects visible. It has created a neuromorphic vision system for autonomous devices that uses cameras. Its vision technology imitates the human eye and brain to capture rapid scene dynamics, even in harsh lighting. The system has uses in robotics, driverless cars, industrial automation, IoT systems, and other fields of study.


For adults with type one diabetes, Diabeloop offers an AI-based blood sugar Monitoring gadget that frees them from having to make hundreds of therapeutic decisions and allows them to enjoy their lives uninterrupted. To automate the management of type 1 diabetes, Diabeloop has created a self-learning algorithm, a true therapeutic artificial intelligence. The DBLG1 device, which connects to an insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor, acts as the user interface for the system. Periodically, the sensor transmits blood glucose values to the DBLG1, which analyzes the data and determines the appropriate insulin dose.

Vade Secure

Vade Secure provides AI-powered e-mail security solutions. Vade’s multilayered analysis utilizes threat knowledge from 1.4 billion secured mail and blends a heuristic methodology with behavioral analysis technology. It offers an e-mail gateway solution to defend against email-based attacks. Its features include a white-labeling option, scalability, and customizability. Anti-malware, anti-phishing, anti-spear phishing, anti-spam, and e-mail management are some of its solutions.


Tinyclues eliminates the need for arbitrary (and frequently biased) human client profiling. It correctly anticipates purchasing intentions and sends tailored CRM campaigns that deliver for a business and satisfy its customers at the scale they require. Their service unleashes machine learning on a company’s marketing database and generates conclusions using seemingly unconnected “tiny cues” from the data. Its algorithms incorporate information such as purchase history, browsing patterns, address, and newsletter clickthrough to determine if a customer is likely to participate in and make a purchase.


Linkfluence aids companies in better understanding their consumers. It blends market research know-how with AI to transform social data into significant consumer insights. It provides a social media intelligence tool that sifts through the daily nonsense that people share. Their Radarly service, they claim, gathers and analyzes 150 million sources every day from 190 countries, including social media, blogs, forums, and websites, using machine learning, deep profiling, and image recognition. Users can profile their clientele, search for and find keywords related to their brands, competitors, and industry sectors, and enhance their social media presence.


Snips integrate its voice platform with household products. Snips’ platform is specifically tailored to the product it is installed in since they have realized that even a little language understanding is sufficient to control speakers or vacuum cleaners. Its full-stack solution uses exclusive technology that enables voice processing on the gadget. This localized processing reduces footprint and reliance on the cloud while maximizing accuracy, efficiency, and privacy. Customers can choose to teach their assistant and utilize it across many platforms thanks to the AI’s flexible learning capabilities.


Saagie assists Data Engineers in making excellent use of corporate data. The Saagie DataOps Platform integrates the most cutting-edge technologies to enable customers to deliver and manage data projects quickly and effectively. The technology assists in sifting through enormous troves of unstructured data to locate the pertinent data points for predictive analytics. The platform logs, stores, and organizes business data, making applying AI algorithms to it simple. Even more, it hides sensitive data and checks user permission. Sales, customer relationship management, risk management, and process automation are some of Saagie’s use cases.


The phone is a more effective medium than the web for producing more sales and more substantial leads. However, because it is handled by people who must pay attention to the caller and cannot accurately record and mark all the crucial information, it still needs to be utilized. Allo-media is working on vocal cookies that will employ voice recognition and semantic analysis to transcribe client calls and mark significant triggers as they occur. Their speech cookies automate call qualifying and follow-up using machine learning, human input, and semantic algorithms. They hope to accomplish intelligent lead retargeting with this to enhance conversion rates.


Kayrros is building a big data analytics platform for the energy sector to help decision-makers be more environmentally and energy-conscious. Kayrros monitors and measures global energy, natural resource, and industrial activities by combining satellite imagery, geolocation data, text data, and multiple alternative data sources with machine learning, natural language processing, and sophisticated mathematics. The Leading innovative energy and environmental geo-analytics company aids in better decision-making for traders, investors, operators, and governments.

Traditional website and app models update when the data consumer demands it, similar to when people actively reload their browsers. With, all updates are automatically sent to the data consumer, resulting in a real-time flow. It has created an automated data streaming service enabling real-time updates for small and large data consumers. Data scientists can use it to construct and feed their machine learning models in real-time instead of wasteful batch processing, which requires frequent uploads of massive volumes of data and leaves the system inactive in between uploads.


Previously, businesses had to wait until the end of the quarter to learn their online market share and insights, but Fox Intelligence now enables them to obtain consumer insights on e-commerce in real-time. Foxintelligence has created an anonymous, safe e-commerce intelligence platform. The business has made an app called Cleanfox that enables users to effectively clear out their inboxes by unsubscribing from newsletters. They are requested to disclose their anonymous online purchase receipts in exchange. AI algorithms are used to sort, gather, and evaluate the data. The results illustrate what customers purchase, where they purchase it, and at what price. They also emphasize market trends, the leading players and their turnover, list top sellers, and so forth.

Sophia Genetics

Healthcare-omics data from several sources is being integrated by Sophia Genetics, which is also breaking down data silos and using machine learning models to offer relevant insights that may help healthcare professionals improve patient outcomes. The company’s customers do testing on their samples and maintain ownership of their samples and data. They use the Sophia DDM platform to analyze data and exchange insights with one another to develop a pool of collective intelligence. The Sophia DDM platform offers analysis and insights in various disease domains, from oncology to genetic illnesses, and is made to get better over time as more data is collected.


C3 AI offers a comprehensive platform for developing Enterprise AI applications. Its services use telemetry, elastic cloud computing, analytics, and machine learning. The C3 AI Platform provides comprehensive services that make it easier and more affordable than other methods to build enterprise-scale AI applications. With prebuilt, programmable, high-value AI applications for dependability, fraud detection, sensor network health, supply network optimization, energy management, anti-money laundering, and customer interaction, the C3 AI Platform supports the value chain in any business.


Even while accounting for freelancers is straightforward, it is repetitious and time-consuming. Indy is helping simplify these processes for freelancers by offering independent accounting software. The application analyzes bank transactions automatically and converts them into accounting lines due to artificial intelligence. With only a few clicks, Indy helps professionals complete their tax returns. Indy is the revolution in independent accounting software, which is 20 times faster than conventional software and 2 to 5 times less expensive than an accountant.

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