Meet ‘Phraser’: A New Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tool That Uses Machine Learning to Help Users Write Prompts for Neural Networks

According to the creators, Phraser is the only software program in the world that employs machine learning to assist users in creating neural network prompts. The key function of Phraser is how it breaks down the creation of a prompt into manageable steps, like selecting a style, content type, color, quality, camera settings, and more.

Smart search, a recent addition to Phraser, operates on a database of millions of images previously produced by Mid journey, Stable Diffusion, and DALLE 2.

Instead of using keywords, smart search enables users to search by the meaning of the prompt and look for multiple neural networks in the results. Users can instantly see how different keywords and styles affect the output thanks to a function that is embedded into the prompt editor, which, according to engineers, saves a tonne of time and money.


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