Meet ‘Bobidi,’ An AI Startup That Is Helping Businesses Validate Their Machine Learning Models Before Deployment

Handling edge cases, or unusual data, is the most challenging aspect of developing AI models. Finding credible data sets of unique edge cases becomes more difficult as the model becomes more advanced. In order to solve this issue, the industry is feeding models even more data. But for the models to advance, new, varying data is required. Businesses frequently lack the needed time and resources to validate their systems and ensure they are bug-free.

With its AI model test platform, Bobidi, a California-based firm, is attempting to address this issue by enabling businesses to validate models before deployment securely. In order to test models and identify biases, it uses its global data science community, making the entire process ten times more effective.

The Bobidi community creates a validation dataset for a specific system to test models. Customers receive an analysis that includes patterns of false negatives and positives and the metadata linked with them as developers look for vulnerabilities in the system. To prevent reverse engineering, Bobidi uses APIs to ensure safety, and it auto-expires models after a specific number of days.

Customers pay for service based on how many “legit” attempts the community makes. Ten legit attempts cost $0.99. Community Developers also profit from helping as Bobidi allows developers to earn between $10 and $20 per hour. The startup claims to have clients in the augmented reality and computer vision industries, including Deepixel, Gunsens, and Seerslab.

Founded in 2020, the early-stage startup has raised $5.8 Million in Seed funding. Bobidi plans to use these funds to hire more people. They aim to triple the size of the team by the end of the year. Additionally, they intend to develop a number of “core machine learning technologies” and “consumer insights experiences.”


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