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This Australian Startup, ‘Strong Compute’, is Making the Training Process of Machine Learning Models 10x-1000x Faster

In a world where data is scarce, and machine learning algorithms get more complex with each passing day, it’s difficult for developers to keep up with time. This implies that data scientists working on these issues spend a lot of time in a holding pattern, waiting for findings to come in. Best developers spent the entire day shooting hoops and waiting on machines due to long training periods, leading to a loss of productivity.

Strong Compute is trying to solve this problem by focusing on developing these networks faster. It concentrates on everything in the model’s vicinity, slowing down the training process. This could be caused by a slow data flow or by processing many variables prior to the training. Strong Compute can speed up the training of ML models by 10x to 1,000x times, depending on the model, pipeline, and framework.

Strong Compute can handle all the configuration and operations work, allowing AI companies to focus on their customers, data, and core algorithms. This enables them to iterate quickly and ensures that its developers are only concentrating on tasks that will benefit the business. It has also optimized some of the often-used libraries for data augmentation.

The Sydney, Australia-based startup addresses a significant incentive imbalance in cloud computing, wherein faster results—which consumers value—are less profitable for service providers. Its current focus is on Computer Vision. The company has also graduated from Y Combinator.

Strong Compute has raised $7.8 million in seed funding. The company intends to use these funds to automate many operational processes to enhance training. Over the coming months, they also plan to double their workforce size to cater to more organizations.


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