Deci Introduces ‘SuperGradients’: An Open-Source Python Deep Learning Library for Computer Vision Models

The process of developing and deploying production-ready deep learning models is not easy. The struggle to build and deploy production-ready deep learning models is often overwhelming for enterprise AI developers. There are various challenges that affect the entire process, including data architecture selection or transfer issues because of incompatible tooling platforms.

Deci, a deep learning development company, harnesses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to build enterprise-level AI. They announced the launch of SuperGradients – an “all-in-one” Python library for computer vision models with their newest product that will save time and money in training them.

The SuperGradients library provides a wide range of pre-trained deep learning models that were tested in production environments for computer vision. Developers no longer need to waste time scouring repositories and can simply integrate them with their code base, achieving better results faster than ever before.

SuperGradients is a high-performance tool that lets you train PyTorch models for common computer vision tasks with just one script. In addition, users can quickly load and fine-tune a pre-trained state-of-the-art model (YOLOv5/DDRNet, etc.), many of which were optimized to deliver higher accuracy than existing libraries.

Key Takeaways:

  • With one training repository, state-of-the-art models can be created and trained quickly for any computer vision task.
  • With this library, you can train your computer vision models with recipes that perform better than any other training library. This includes code examples for a wide range of deep-learning algorithms generated by Deci’s team, who are experts in the field.
  • Hyperparameters for training, dataset, and architecture are all set with plug-and-play ease.
  • It also seamlessly integrates deep learning models into your codebase without much problem.



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