Google Introduces ‘Unattended Project Recommender’, To Discover Abandoned Cloud Projects Using Machine Learning

Cloud projects can be abandoned or unattended for several reasons, including when the owner switches tasks, they are canceled because there is no longer a need for them on your end, and more. Your company could waste money due to these unfinished cloud resources that may contain security issues such as open firewalls that attackers can exploit to get their hands on all of your sensitive data! The risks we face in data security can grow over time. They also have the potential to leave our organization vulnerable if they go unchecked for too long, as recent best practices and patches are not applied.

To help companies find these software projects and provide solutions, Google recently announced a new tool- ‘Unattended Project Recommender’. The unattended project recommender analyzes the usage activity across all your organization projects to recommend unused or underused products for optimization. Unattended Project Recommender uses machine learning to identify, with a high degree of confidence, projects that are likely abandoned based on API and networking activity. Based on these results the company can notify developers or take other actions such as deleting their accounts in order to prevent misuse. Useful insights are provided, such as recommendations on turning down low use product lines and assigning a new owner if high traffic is present, but no active owner exists.

Unattended Project Recommender is an automated workflow manager that integrates with existing enterprise tools to recommend projects. It can also output report results into Google BigQuery tables, giving you the data and customized analysis for your company needs.

After a successful test at Google, the Unattended Project Recommender is now open for public beta testing. The product has already been offered to several of Google’s customers and continues to generate interest from other businesses that use cloud-based services.




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