NVIDIA Announced The North American Availability of NVIDIA Base Command Platform To Accelerate AI Workloads

Now organizations can be powered up with Digital Biology, Natural Language Understanding, Autonomous vehicles & AI Evolution by Renting instant access to Hosted NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD

NVIDIA recently published the availability of the North American NVIDIA Base Command Platform, which is a hosted AI development center that provides organizations with immediate access to powerful computing configuration at the required place.

In May, NVIDIA announced the early access for Base Command Platform. It is now available on a monthly rental basis to North American clients who are willing to improve their AI power with the unprecedented performance of NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD supercomputers provided via revamped AI software system.

Digital infrastructure leader Equinix remotely hosts the Base Command Platform. The first NVIDIA-generated hybrid cloud is available through the NVIDIA AI LaunchPad partner program. This program can become ideal for those organizations that want to quickly advance their AI projects from prototypes to production without investing in purchasing the infrastructure. 

Head of Enterprise Computing at NVIDIA Manuvir Das said that as the organization starts the use of AI, which will create a demand for faster access to the best infrastructure produced by NVIDIA. Base Command Platform will make it easy for organizations who want instant access to NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD to expedite the AI & Data Science development lifecycle.

AI for Adobe

Adobe was one of the first customers to get early access to the Base command Platform for exploring their researchers & data scientist to work concurrently on shared supercomputing infrastructure to advance the development of new AI-powered software features & its applications.

Chief Product Officer and CTO of Adobe, Abhay Parasnis, said that the Base Command Platform allows an effortless onboarding experience for AI developers. Their team is exploring the capability of the Base Command Platform to simplify the machine learning development workflow.

Overall Workflow Management for AI and Data Science

NVIDIA developed a platform to increase the operation of its research team around the world. The Base Command Platform emphasizes a cloud base user interface, a command-line API, integrated monitoring & reporting dashboard to expedite the AI production. It combines with a broad range of AI & data science tools, including the NVIDIA NGC catalog of AI and analytics software.

In terms of price, NVIDIA Base Command Platform’s monthly subscription starts at $90,000 with a three-month minimum subscription. For more details, customers can directly contact NVIDIA.

Source: https://nvidianews.nvidia.com/news/nvidia-advances-instant-ai-with-north-american-availability-of-base-command-platform

Prathamesh Ingle is a Mechanical Engineer and works as a Data Analyst. He is also an AI practitioner and certified Data Scientist with an interest in applications of AI. He is enthusiastic about exploring new technologies and advancements with their real-life applications

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