JetBrains Launches A Jupyter Notebook Platform To Help Enterprises That Need On-Site Deployment

JetBrains has released a new on-premises edition of Datalore, making it easier for data scientists to collaborate around shared instances of Jupyter Notebooks.

The Jupyter Notebooks are powerful tools for data scientists. However, it has its limitations in terms of collaboration and security because you have to set up everything on your computer, which can be tedious at times. This is where Datalore Enterprise comes into play as an out-of-the-box solution with manageable features like code completion, storage integration that syncs across machines instantly through the cloud, so you never lose any work again! Now there’s no need to worry about organizing files or worrying about having access when collaborating with others since they’ve already thought of these things.

Datalore specializes in providing IT solutions to teams, and they are evolving with the technological advancements of this ever-changing world. They have fantastic features like prebuilt team environments, package list management for notebooks through their library manager option; connecting to various server hardware types (through Datalore); and internal usage plans that control resources used by team members.

Datalore lets data scientists access an integrated development environment (IDE) that provides smart coding tools and features like an integrated development environment, automatically completing code as the user writes it in Python. This also allows users to create machine learning models with its prototyping feature or explore their datasets more easily by collecting them for examination before making anything further on top of them.


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