Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer’s New CI/CD Integration With GitHub Actions And The Java Security Detector Ensures Quality And Security Of Your Code

Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer is a tool that leverages machine learning and automated inference to help developers find flaws in their code. This way, programmers can avoid costly mistakes that would otherwise be difficult to detect with the human eye alone.

Recently Amazon has announced two new functions, including a new CI / CD experience for Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer. In addition to integrating with GitHub Actions, users can use GitHub actions during the build process for quality and security analysis as well!

It has implemented 20 new Java detectors to help developers find more security vulnerabilities in their programs and write code that conforms with AWS best practices.

CodeGuru Reviewer integrates with GitHub and is an excellent tool for developers who have difficulty finding bugs in their code. It allows them to use the AWS console, development kits, and CLI tools to detect defects that are hard to find using Java or Python applications. The latest CI/CD function provided by CodeGuru Reviewer now allows teams of developers early detection of security vulnerabilities when they push new code into Github.

With Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer, developers can find and fix security issues in Java applications. They’ve also just added a new detector to help with the process. These detectors are constructed using machine learning and automatic reasoning technology. They use more than 100,000 Amazon and open source code libraries for training which also includes the expertise of the AWS application security team to make sure they’re both accurate as well as able to adapt quickly in a constantly changing landscape.


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