NVIDIA Partners with Google Cloud To Establish AI-on-5G Innovation Lab, Speeding AI Deployment

In partnership with Google Cloud, NVIDIA is establishing the first AI-on-5G Innovation Lab. This will support network infrastructure players and AI software partners to develop, test, and adopt solutions to accelerate advanced AI and 5G applications.

The global telecoms industry undergoes a significant transformation as the speed and low latency of 5G provides an unparalleled opportunity for AI-on-5G to be delivered at corporate borders. This collaboration between NVIDIA and Google Cloud will assist network operators and infrastructure players design and launch new profit centers based on AI and machine learning. 

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The firms will be provided with access to the Anthos platform in Google Cloud and the accelerated computing hardware and software platforms in NVIDIA that will offer them several advantages, including:

  • Increasing operational efficiency
  • Optimizing safety and reliability
  • Obtaining data and AI to accelerate business performance

Expanding AI-on-5G Ecosystem

NVIDIA with Google Cloud, Fujitsu, Mavenir, Radisys, and Wind River is developing NVIDIA’s AI-on-5G platform solutions. With Google Cloud’s Anthos application platform, the firms and service providers will able able to across many vertical markets to connect to network edge via 5G seamlessly.

Anthos offers a coherent application platform with a service-centered view of every environment. With managed Kubernetes in the cloud, locally, and in the network, the platform empowers customers to quickly build and deploy enterprise-grade containerized applications.

Anthos supports accelerated NVIDIA GPU servers, providing consistent deployment and work experience while reducing costly overheads and improving developer productivity. In addition, the platform offers a result-focused strategy for the management of applications in different environments, which is quite a crucial feature for network operators and companies that deliver AI on 5G. Finally, the platform also safeguards applications and supply chains.

NVIDIA AI-on-5G uses the NVIDIA Aerial™ software development kit with the NVIDIA BlueField®-2 A100 that combines GPUs, DPUs, and NVIDIA’s “5T for 5G” solution. The 5G RAI and AI high-performance applications are thus developed to manage robots for precise manufacturing, automated guided vehicles, drones, wireless phones, self-checking aisles, and many other projects.

NVIDIA has also announced its next-generation Aerial A100 AI-on-5G computing platform to be incorporate 16 Arm-based CPU cores into the NVIDIA BlueField-3 A100. This leads to creating autonomous, converged cards delivering edge AI applications over the cloud-based 5G vRAN with enhanced performance per watt and quicker deployment times. The AI-on-5G lab offers these solutions to be tested and validated.

For developing a modern 5G infrastructure capable of running multiple applications on a common platform, software-defined RANs are a must. NVIDIA Aerial allows the best use by providing the flexibility to offer dynamic customer services and elasticity throughout the day.

NVIDIA EGX® offers AI computing capabilities to the edge where the OEM creates data through NVIDIA-Certified Systems. Server makers can also build hyperconverged edge data centers by expanding on the platform with NVIDIA GPUs and DPUs.

Source: https://nvidianews.nvidia.com/news/nvidia-and-google-cloud-to-create-industrys-first-ai-on-5g-lab-to-speed-development-of-ai-everywhere

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