Adobe Photoshop Integrates New NVIDIA AI-Powered Neural Filters To Advance Image Editing

Adobe has recently launched an AI-driven Photoshop version. This latest version introduces GPU- accelerated neural filters in collaboration with NVIDIA. Neural filters allow creators to use AI-powered technology to make complicated adjustments easily. The tool enables the users to complete various photo editing tasks, which are quite tedious, in just a few clicks. It improves the image quality by producing new contextual pixels which are not present in the original image. 

It uses GANs (generative adversarial networks). GANs is a machine learning technique that allows learning in an unsupervised manner. Some of the applications of GANs include creating age filters, reconstructing 3D models of objects from images, visualizing the effect of climate change, etc. 

Various neural filters introduced include skin smoothening, depth-aware haze, colorize, superzoom, JPEG artifacts removal, noise reduction, face cleanup, sketch to portrait, photo to sketch, makeup transfer, and style transfer, etc. Although the idea is not new, Adobe has now introduced a sky replacement tool. The user can choose, and the tool will replace the sky, producing a new image. Adobe offers 25 options, but users can bring in their own options. 

Adobe has released six beta filters that aim to get feedback from the users. One of the breathtaking beta filters is Smart Portrait, which facilitates editing facial characteristics, including gaze direction and lighting angles. Smart Portrait filter is based on NVIDIA StyleGAN2 technology. Although the results produced by neural filters are not entirely accurate, few manual changes can lead to desired results. 

Apart from introducing the filters, Adobe has added approximately 130,000 images to the training dataset to address biases like age and ethnicity. It also allows the users to provide feedback and submit more images to be added to the dataset. 

Another highlight of the new version is a plugin marketplace for all creative cloud applications that allows developers to see their plugins. 

The new developments have some great features in store for video editors as well. With new tools, smoother video playback and sharper responsiveness are also possible. It has ultra high resolution and multistream footage.

Along with Adobe Photoshop, updates have also been made to Adobe Premiere Elements, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Substance Alchemist, Daz 3D, and Notch.


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