Luther.AI – Personalized AI for Human Memory Recall

Do you often forget things when you don’t write it down? Some unique ideas and thoughts? Some of the acquaintance’s names? Most people can’t remember what they said 30 seconds ago.

If this is the case, Luther.AI has come to aid humans and augment our unreliable memory. Luther.AI is a startup that builds your Artificial intelligence intending to ‘Retains, Reinforce, Recall- augmenting your human memory.’ 

This new technology works like personal Google for all the thoughts and ideas that you have. It works by capturing and transcribing the audio recordings. These recordings will help create your private memory stack enriched by AI transformers for retention and Prime, a conversational AI, for recall. 

The company is currently releasing an initial browser-based prototype, which will be followed by an application later. To ensure security to your memories, the company aims to enforce ownership using blockchain technology in the future.


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