A High School in India Produced Graduates That are Now the CEOs of MasterCard, Adobe and Microsoft

If you are searching for top schools for your child, you might be surprised to know that moving to India could be one of the best moves that you make. Some of the worlds most influential business and tech leaders graduated from this same school.

Hyderabad public school located in Hyderabad India is considered to be one of the most exceptional private high schools in the world. The school, located in South India was originally founded as an institution for teaching the sons of aristocrats across the country.

Current Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was one of the attendees of the school. He suggested that his experience playing cricket there was one of the strongest influences on his success today. Other CEOs including Ajay Banga of MasterCard and Shantanu Narayen of Adobe attended the school as well. While scientists like Satish Reddy Vice President NASA, Chief Engineer,Johnson Space Center Engineering Technology and Science, Houston,Texas,USA was one of the other attendees of the school.

The high school was established in the year 1923 and modeled after Elton college in the UK. Just last year it ranked as one of the top 10 schools in India, and it’s considered to be a premier educational institution in a tech hub. Since the year 1990 Hyderabad has been considered one of the most important tech hubs in India. Since Microsoft headquarters located itself here, HPS has continued its initiative to train future CEOs of tomorrow.

Nadella suggested that his time at the school, as well as his time playing cricket at the school, allowed him to find balance. He was able to gather confidence in his capabilities of learning on the pitch as well as his ability to learn in the classroom. He was also blessed to have met his wife at the high school. The schools’ core values include a strong commitment to self-esteem as well as the tolerance and respect of others. Their current motto is a simple phrase; “Be Vigilant.”

Under their current motto of the school is urging young students to continue focusing on their mental alertness as well as being physically ready to take on all of the challenges that their life has to offer. By combining athletics programs with advanced academic programs, students can have a well-rounded educational background that will only allow them to improve their confidence.

Hyderabad public school

As further reports of this high school and its successful students continue to come out, families from other areas of India are relocating in this area so that they can offer the highest level of education to their children. Although this institution is considered to be a public institution in India, this has the same connotations of a private institution in the United States. It’s often challenging to acquire admission, and there are significant donations that need to be made to keep up the schools’ programs.

The study curriculum is not only restricted to classroom but many other extra curricular activities. Even, a research suggests that kids between 7 to 10 years of age are more positive and productive in calculations and analytical skills if they are given a positive environment to study and practise their skill sets. Thus HPS’s unique way of teaching and space for extracurricular activities makes the students to think differently and apply learnt concepts into practical applications.

Wouldn’t it be cool! If you can visit this school where the tech giant’s CEOs has studied and spent their childhood. So, next time if you visit India, try visiting this center of education.

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