21 Free Data Sets/ Projects for Data Science Beginners

We have listed below some of the best datasets/ projects for data science beginners.

1. Enron Emails: [Download]

2. The United States Census Data: [Download]

3. Walmart: [Download]

5. CDC Cause of Death: [Download]

6. Data.gov.uk: [Download]

7. Medicare Hospital Quality: [Download]

10. IMF Economic Data: [Download]

11. Dow Jones Weekly Returns: [Download]

12. Google Books Ngrams: [Download]

13. Bureau of Economic Analysis: [Download]

14. UNICEF: [Download]

15. Reddit Comments: [Download]

16. Wikipedia: [Download]

17. Lending Club: [Download]

18. Yelp: [Download]

19. NASA Datasets [Download]

20. Google Public Data  [Download]

21. MRI brain scan [Download]

Additional Links

a) Data.Gov.in [Download]