List of Machine Learning Data Resources

Here is the List of Machine Learning Data Resources

  2. Food Environment Atlas
  3. School system finances
  4. Chronic disease data
  5. The US National Center for Education Statistics
  6. The UK Data Centre
  7. Data USA
  8. Eurostat
  9. Knoema
  10. World Bank Open Data
  11. IMF Data
  12. The US National Center for Education Statistics
  13. FiveThirtyEight
  14. FBI Uniform Crime Reporting
  15. Bureau of Justice
  16. NASA Exoplanet Archive
  17. UN Comtrade Database 
  18. Financial Times Market Data
  19. Google Trends
  20. Twitter
  21. Google Scholar
  22. Instagram
  23. OpenCorporates
  24. Glassdoor API
  25. Pew Research Center
  26. IMDB Datasets
  27. OpenLibrary Data Dumps
  28. Labelled Faces in the Wild
  29. Microsoft Marco
  30. Machine Learning Dataset Repository
  31. eBay Market Data Insights
  32. Natural History Museum Data Portal
  33. CERN Open Data
  34. One Million Audio Cover Images
  35. Complete Public Reddit Comments Corpus
  36. Microsoft Azure Data Markets Free Datasets
  37. Irish Electric Vehicle Charge Point Status
  38. LondonAir
  39. European Union Open Data Portal
  40. Socrata
  41. The CIA World Factbook
  44. Junar
  45. Buzzdata
  46. Financial Data Finder at OSU

Note: This a small set of list we have prepared from various sources. If we know any other set of data then please feel free to email us at



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