Top AI-Based Startups in Estonia (2023)

AI is the hot new trend in the startup world. Every new startup is attempting to develop products and find solutions utilizing AI. Estonia, a small country in Northern Europe, is quickly becoming a hotspot for tech startups. The following list includes some of the best AI-based Estonian startups:


Veriff offers an AI-powered identity verification technology that assists companies in real-time customer identity verification to help decrease fraud and satisfy KYC regulations. To verify that the individual is who they say they are, their software uses machine learning algorithms to examine ID documents and facial biometrics. Companies, including Grello, Holo, TF Bank, and Go Urban, employ Veriff’s technology.


Lingvist is a language learning platform that utilizes machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to tailor the learning process for each user. The platform offers courses in several languages, including French, Russian, German, and Spanish, and it adapts to the learner’s progress by giving them feedback and activities specifically designed for them. These exercises include flashcards and reading, listening, grammar, and speaking tasks.


Excalitrade is a financial markets broker that helps clients to trade without stress by providing automated trading solutions and trading signals. Users can access various markets, including equities, cryptocurrencies, indices, and CFDs, which they may trade using signals driven by AI to make daily profits. Excalitrade provides its users with a number of benefits, such as affordable rates, excellent security, round-the-clock customer service, and an intuitive user interface.

Ready Player Me

Ready Player me offers AI-powered 3D avatar modeling tools for the metaverse. It creates a cross-platform tool for making avatars for video games and virtual reality programs. Users can create their own avatars and use a single, consistent identity to explore virtual worlds. It serves as the metaverse’s passport. It allows for the integration of applications and websites from third parties.


MeetFrank is a web-based tool for recruiting. Job searchers can use the platform to build a profile that promotes their qualifications, experience, and interests. The platform’s employers publish relevant job openings, and the AI system matches job searchers with those possibilities. Applicants who sign up anonymously using the app will receive suitable job ads based on their qualifications and career goals.


ย Yanu offers an AI-powered bartending robot that engages in conversations with customers. It is a tiny, mobile-enabled bar where customers may place orders via an interactive screen or mobile app, pay with a card or a phone, and get their drinks from an integrated robotic arm. It can serve 100โ€“150 drinks each hour. Yanu’s creators aim to change the hospitality sector by offering a quick, affordable, and contactless way to serve drinks.


Understanding what consumers think of them may be very challenging for most businesses. Feelingstream is a customer chat platform that assists in gathering consumer feedback, analyzing customer trends, and providing insights that can benefit a number of sectors, including insurance, finance, logistics, telecoms, and utilities. Its conversation analytics tool can automate manual activities, convert speech to text in many languages, and provide real-time customer insights to boost productivity, sales, and customer service standards.


Employees operate in teams, but assessments and recruiting typically concentrate on individuals. Wisnio is a hiring platform that uses AI to comprehend team needs and identify the most suitable individuals for teams. It evaluates current teams by examining the members’ strengths, skills, and motivators. Then, it maps the team’s core values, finds gaps in the members’ important competencies, finds the appropriate candidates for the team, and selects them for the interview.


Cleveron creates cutting-edge robots and parcel lockers to automate omnichannel initiatives and provide a smooth consumer experience. It has developed the necessary hardware and software to offer assistance and maintenance to customers worldwide. Cleveron’s simple solutions make parcel handover swift and convenient by delivering packages in a matter of seconds. Leading merchants and logistics firms worldwide employ these parcel robots and APMs.


Cookie3 performs the function of Google Analytics for Web3. All NFTs, smart contracts and tokens now in use across a number of chains are collected, processed, and interpreted by Cookie3 with the goal of better understanding individual behavior. It focuses on analyzing consumer profiles using the financial history of the users. It intends to rule this market and is a pioneer in the area of behavioral analytics on the blockchain.


Restaurants may build and maintain any food safety protocol with FoodDocs’ AI-based food safety software. The platform develops, tracks, and automatically produces real-time dashboards and monitoring sheets for food safety. It also monitors crucial control components to obtain automated temperature sensor and barcode reader data. The company provides a subscription-based service.


Raison is a cutting-edge platform for handling investments and personal finances online. The platform invests in blockchain-related items so that customers can examine their financial situation and make purchases using virtual cards. By doing so, the business streamlines the complex and time-consuming financial administration process. Anyone may begin their road toward being a late venture investor and create a highly diversified portfolio of the greatest tech firms with the help of the Raison app marketplace.


Hala enables enterprise software to be used with natural language to complete tasks. The system uses a chatbot, which can retrieve and visualize data, interpret and carry out commands in plain language, and configure and modify various aspects of the corporate software. With several Digital Skills and a strong API, the Hala AI platform team collaborates with partners and developers internationally to create Digital Skills and integrations that streamline any job, automate tedious processes, and free up more time for work that adds value.

Eurora Solutions

Eurora Solutions offer AI-based cross-border compliance services. It manages cross-border taxes, descriptions of commodities, and electronic declarations using cutting-edge machine-learning technology. It provides solutions for recordkeeping, VAT payments, and more. It also offers cutting-edge customs clearance and fiscal representation services, which together provide safe and quick access to the EU market.


Alvin is a SaaS data observability platform providing data teams with a unified view of their complete data infrastructure. Their product offers a comprehensive perspective of how data moves and how it is used throughout a company’s data environment by automatically mapping all transformation processes from source via databases and tables to where the data is consumed (e.g., dashboards, ML models, notebooks).

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