Heard about DALL·E? Check this new Feature ‘Outpainting’ just added on it which adds Visual Elements simply by using a Natural Language Description

In 2021, OpenAI achieved a breakthrough with the introduction of DALL-E. Using a dataset of text-image pairs, the 12-billion parameter DALL-E variant of GPT-3 was trained to produce images from text descriptions. The innovative tool can perform a wide range of tasks, including anthropomorphizing objects and animals, connecting seemingly unrelated ideas, producing language, and altering already-existing visuals. 

With the introduction of a new feature named Outpainting, OpenAI has expanded upon the already existing DALL-E. By adding visual components that maintain the same aesthetic to an image beyond its initial boundaries or by just utilizing a natural language description, this new tool encourages people to use more of their creativity.

Inpainting is a feature of DALLE’s Edit function that allows modifications to be made within a created or uploaded image. To preserve the context of the original image, outpainting takes into account the existing visual features of the image, including but not limited to shadows, reflections, and textures. Users can now expand this original image by producing large-scale images in any aspect ratio, thanks to outpainting.

More than a million people currently utilize the innovative DALL-E program, which uses artificial intelligence to produce unique visuals and artwork based on natural language descriptions. With the new Outpainting feature, artists have already produced impressive works that have aided the OpenAI team in better understanding its possibilities. The Outpainting feature is now available to all the DALL-E users in the desktop version.

Image Courtesy: https://www.instagram.com/emma_catnip/

Reference: https://openai.com/blog/dall-e-introducing-outpainting/

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