Top Innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Startups Based in India

India has been one of the prominent nations in the global AI race in recent years. The AI scene in India appears to be quite promising, with so many new AI businesses offering innovative solutions. Let’s look at some of India’s most creative and exciting AI startups based in India.

Detect Technologies

The industrial sectors have always struggled with a lack of real-time data and insights to reduce safety concerns and revenue loss from unexpected shutdowns. Detect Technologies is a prominent industrial AI company trying to solve this problem headquartered in Chennai, India. It provides process industries with machine learning-based SaaS solutions that help them increase safety compliance and asset utilization. Detect has developed a substantial library of AI tools that mine helpful information from both structured and unstructured data. It offers automated asset health monitoring, T-Pulse to efficiently manage workforce and complicated industrial projects, and generates real-time insights from remote facilities. These tools and insights have helped businesses increase productivity, workplace safety, privacy anonymization, digital confined space monitoring, and visibility of external hazards to their infrastructure.

Most business activities are made easier by automation since it saves time and money. However, the transition to automation can be challenging and time-consuming for most enterprises. With its automation platform, is helping businesses to create business applications that execute their processes from beginning to end with little to no human oversight. Their platform powers the next generation of workplace applications by utilizing the cognitive abilities of no-code-based software development, intelligent document processing, natural language processing, robotic process automation (RPA), machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI). Their three main productsÔÇöAUTOMATE, HyperApps, and InnovateÔÇötransform the operations of various companies.’s platform and HyperApps are being used by global leaders in the automotive, banking, telecommunications, and travel industries, and they see immediate returns on their investments.

Qure AI

AI in Healthcare is a rapidly advancing field. However, doctors don’t fully understand how AI might assist them in providing improved patient care. Qure AI is a health-tech startup based in Mumbai that uses artificial intelligence assistance for medical imaging diagnostics. It helps empower healthcare professionals during crucial moments in the medical journey with its AI products. Qure AI uses deep learning technology to deliver automated radiological exam interpretation for X-rays, CT scans, and ultrasound scans, enabling quicker diagnosis and treatment. They allow seamless workflow optimization across the care continuum for everything from preventative screenings to early detection, emergency care, institutional disease response, and treatment adherence.


For any firm, finding and hiring talent is a critical process that requires time and money.

Expertia AI is helping organizations automate this process and provides SMEs with a one-click hiring solution that automatically finds and identifies the top 10 candidates from a pool of candidates drawn from over 25 job boards. It uses a cutting-edge Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing engine for a bias-free first AI model that finds the ideal candidate in response to job requirements in a matter of seconds. Over 500 organizations, 1000 recruiters, and over 1 lakh professionals are actively using their platform to automate the hiring process.


Small farmers lack consistent labor and techniques for seasonal duties like weeding, spraying, and picking in the field. Agri-tech firm TartanSense empowers them through its AI-based technology. To help small farms cut costs and boost profits, it offers small agricultural robots with computer vision supported by artificial intelligence. These robots provide an economical precision agriculture solution that lowers cultivation expenses for all essential farming tasks, including planting, spraying, weeding, and harvesting. It provides eight times weeding efficiency and a 40% reduction in pesticides, leading to more savings and lesser costs.

HUVIAiR Technologies

The construction sector has just recently begun to accept new technologies. HUVIAiR Technologies is a Bangalore-based startup that provides software solutions for construction projects. Construction projects can benefit substantially from its SaaS platform CONSTRA, which analyzes images and videos (of the inside and outside of buildings) during the design, construction, and inspection phases. It examines several visual input streams using deep learning to gain valuable insights. The application is used in various construction-related industries, including real estate, public infrastructure, and renewable energy. The time spent on progress monitoring by clients who use CONSTRA can be reduced by up to 65%, their need for supervisory staff can be cut by at least 50%, and the entire project cost can be cut by up to 20%.


Edge AI is expanding at a supersonic rate due to several variables, including advances in AI’s effectiveness, the adoption of IoT devices, the requirement for endpoint computing, and the real-time inference of Deep Learning models. Bengaluru-based SandLogic’s Edge AI platform and Vision SDK (ready to use Deep learning models APIs) are intended to help companies implement AI more quickly and affordably. Their platform,, can be used by businesses wishing to move their current models onto any target hardware or to federate AI or complicated Deep Learning models onto any low-cost edge devices with the same accuracy. To enable marketers to deploy Neural Nets across a wide range of devices, works to create an end-to-end Edge AI accelerator platform that is seamless, simple, and quick.

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