Google Maps Uses AI To Help You Avoid Crowds By Allowing You To See How Crowded A Train Is Before Boarding

Google has announced its latest updates for Google Maps. One of the newest features is expanding to its ability to warn users about crowded mass transit ahead of time, which initially launched in June 2019 and covered roughly 200 cities globally using user-reported data similar to Waze that discovered and predicted overcrowded trains or buses. Now with this new update, they will be expanding it out even further by giving them over 10,000 agencies from 100 countries access (eventually) as well!

Google Maps is getting more intelligent. The transit predictions are based on AI technology, user feedback, and location trends over time to give you the best route for your commute or trip. In New York and Sydney, there’s a new feature that shows crowdedness by car-by-car level so users will know which parts of the train to avoid!

Google Maps is making it easier for commuters to know which train cars are the most crowded and when. The โ€œPopular Timesโ€ feature, rolling out now on Google Maps users will show data about how busy a rail station or specific car within that station can be in real-time. All you need to do is type your destination into map search bar if looking from inside of maps app, then tap “Get Directions.”

Google says that it will still prioritize privacy and security, even for the Maps update. The company assures users by using anonymization technology to keep their location history private with differential privacy.


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