China’s EV Maker Nio Announces Its First Flagship Sedan ET7 Along With 150 kWh Battery Pack

At Nio day, the Chinese Electric Vehicle maker Nio unveiled its first Sedan ET7, its fourth production vehicle. The company has become known in the local market for its splendid technology. 

The ET7 uses a standard 70 kWh battery that has a range of more than 310 miles. Other models include a 100 kWh battery with a range of up to 435 miles and a solid-state battery, which gives a potential range of more than 620 miles. The latter not being available in the Chinese market until next year.

The 70 kWh model is priced at around $69,000 and is quite close to Tesla’s Model S‘s pricing. Nio provides its buyers with an option to get a Service Subscription through which drivers can swap their batteries at the Nio power station for a monthly fee of $150. In this case, the standard model would cost nearly $58,000. The power station is a potential solution to the time-consuming charging issue incases of Electric Vehicles. Nio claims that its Sedan can accelerate to 62 mph in merely 3.9 seconds. 

The Sedan has a clean and sleek design with narrow headlights. The ET7 has several features, including an infotainment screen, a digital gauge cluster, 118-megapixel cameras, and an ultra-long-range high-resolution lidar with five radars and 12 ultrasonic sensors. Further, Nio has claimed that the ET7 is an autonomous vehicle.

With the successful launch of ET7, Nio has extended its product line to four Electric Vehicles. Clearly, the largest ET7 battery can beat Tesla’s longest-range Electric Vehicle. Although in 2018, Nio gave the signs of entering US markets through a possible electric crossover, the company hasn’t divulged any details regarding the same.

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